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Weekend achievements

I so desperately look forward to weekends at the moment, and never achieve as much as I’d like, but am overall okay with what we did this past two days. Managed to finally clear the mountains of washing and  ironing – everything is AWAY where it belongs, for the first time since early April I think! This also meant I watched the latest Fringe and a few episodes of Lost Girl, which is a bonus.

I got all enthused this morning and cleaned bathrooms, kitchen and floors – yay for new vacuum cleaner! Yesterday I managed a trip to the hairdresser, jooshing up a little for the Aurealis Awards next weekend (my kids got lots of compliments for being so good!), and then we enjoyed a lovely sunshiney afternoon at soccer. Master Nine was a bit off his game (no training in two weeks) but still did pretty well against a stronger team – he had a good crack at least!

Had hoped to get into Myer at some point, but didn’t manage it. Did tick off two book reviews (both of ebooks, woo!) – only four more on the pile of Read books to write! And did some work on a group project that will be unveiled in a few weeks. In all, I think I’ll call it a win for the weekend.

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I’ve been really rubbish at keeping up with everything – I’ve been shocking at answering perfectly simple emails, hopeless at getting house clean, terrible at doing important jobs, and though I haven’t missed any deadlines yet, I’m just not motivated to get AHEAD either! There are some good reasons probably, and hopefully it will be clearer soon, but a good part of it is that working full time has really impacted on my available time (duh), and I’m just not coping very well. Add to that I REALLY miss having a cleaner (she only came once a fortnight, but that makes a HUGE difference in what you have to keep up with the rest of the time!), and, well, there you have it. Not only do I have less time to play with, there’s more things I have to get done with it – I don’t see housework as an optional extra. I hate having a house that looks dirty, and I don’t like not wanting to have friends drop in because it’s such a mess.

I did overcome one small barrier to my quest to make housekeeping a tad easier – yesterday I called in at Godfreys and walked out 10 minutes later with a new vacuum cleaner (with free steam mop and free foot spa – win!). My last vacuum bit the dust, rather literally, after husband thought it might be a good idea to vacuum out the ashes of the fireplace with it. Erm, no. We have a Vax, but while it does a good job for carpet washing, for some reason it’s terrible at vacuuming. So I needed a new one, and got one. Vacuumed this morning – was fairly painless. So hopefully the floors will be a little easier to look after now – although with kids, what’s clean one minute is covered in sand, dirt, or *stuff* within five, but anyway… 🙂

Also yesterday, was lucky enough to have a friend babysit Max so I could watch The Avengers with her husband and a bunch of kids (not all of which belonged to either of us!). I really enjoyed it, and we laughed a lot (in a good way). We then spent the evening at their place, being plied with home made pizza and good conversation.

Things to do today:

  • Conquer the washing
  • Conquer the folding, ironing and putting away.
  • Finalise Epilogue and get it to the printer.
  • Proofreading job for Twelfth Planet Press (sorry Alisa!).
  • Answer some important, neglected emails.
  • Watch new Fringe and Once Upon a Time (to be achieved while folding etc).

It’s already 12.30. Best I get a move on!

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What a start to the holidays!

My favourite (naturally) of the Shaun Tan exhibit

It’s nearly 9pm on the first Saturday of the holidays and I hadn’t even noticed how late it was. That’s because the past couple of days have simply flown by. Yesterday began at about 3.30am with the departure of husband off to his fly out. Naturally I couldn’t go back to sleep, so after reading a bit I eventually got up, knowing there were a couple of big days ahead. I had to take the big kids to daycare to get to school (which they don’t usually do), because I was taking Master One to the eye specialist. He’s had several bouts of conjunctivitis and a seemingly perpetual weepy eye, so our GP referred him. Since we made the appointment three months ago, he hasn’t had conjunctivitis, naturally! I had it in my head the appointment was for 8.30 but luckily had put it in my phone with an alert for one hour before – was a touch surprised when the alert went off at 7am! Good foresight, past me. Dashed the kids to daycare, then discovered where the clinic actually was – one street down the road from us! No rush required. M1 started out okay, but the nurse put dilating drops in his eyes and within 10 minutes his behaviour had deteriorated quite alarmingly. When we eventually saw the doctor (who was absolutely lovely and great with M1), bubs was pretty feral, but the doc said that’s normal – the drops really upset them because they get all blurry. Poor bugger. Anyway, turns out he has to have a small procedure to open up the duct, now booked in for November 10. Didn’t think I’d have cause to be grateful for our private health cover so soon after paying the monstrous premium for this year!

WA Premier's Book Award winner Sally Murphy with judge Miffy F.

Was advised not to send him straight to daycare, so took him home for a nap (which I also may have done!), then when he woke up, dropped him at daycare and went to work for the second half of the last day of term! That flew by, as there was a lot to do (last day of copyright survey, wooHOOOOO!), and I had to leave spot on 4pm to collect kids and dash home to get ready to go out! Because last night was the WA Premier’s Book Awards, at last! Babysitter arrived at 5, and I left to go to the WA State Library for a really lovely evening. Met up with fellow judges and brilliant authors (including the very talented Sally Murphy, who I’ve been chatting with online for a while now!), enjoyed really nice snacks and drinks, and a truly wonderful ceremony, including a touching Welcome to Country by Barry Maguire, and pre-recorded videos including the ever lovely Shaun Tan chatting with 2012 National Year of Reading ambassador William McInnes. The winners all gave delightful speeches and it was just a great night. I particularly enjoyed meeting Scot Gardner (who was chuffed to win his very first award, as co-winner of the YA category with James Roy), Sally (winner of the Children’s category for her brilliant verse novel Toppling) and Shaun Tan’s mum and dad! Was interesting to see Shaun’s art exhibit as a feature of the evening as well, which was a nice touch as he was inducted into the WA Literary Hall of Fame (youngest ever inductee – by a LOT).

Shaun Tan's WA Literary Hall of Fame board

Not sure I got as much sleep as I would have liked, despite being home before 11pm. Awake too early, but had to get tidied up as the Batts were due at 7.30am. The Batt big kids babysat most of the others (took M1 with us) while Lyn & I toddled up to the airport to meet fellow judge (in multiple awards!) Mif, before she headed back to Melbourne. Had a great time chatting over a long late breakfast, before Mif went off to her plane and Lyn & I came home, via Helen’s just as they were about to finally leave on their big trip! Was so pleased to catch them and say goodbye. Lyn & I arrived home to find happy, fed kids and a house that was tidier than when I left it – gotta be happy with that!

The Batts departed to other tasks, and I sat down to catch up on some online jobs (like writing a blog post) and was checking through the million and one emails I had to respond to (okay, not that many, but there’s over 80 new submissions in my inbox, from just the past fortnight since I got sick! Madness!), when I realised that Bake Club was actually at 1pm at Alisa’s, not 3pm as I had in my head – ah, the week of wrong times! My computer told me that it WAS 1pm, so I bundled up the kids and off we went! No baking for Bake Club for us, but I promise I’ll do better next time! Regardless, it was a really nice afternoon, although M1 was very ready to come home by the end (okay, a bit before the end!) and made his displeasure well known. Little rotter was happy and chirpy as soon as he got in the car though, and STAYED that way for another hour or so before eventually going to bed LATER than he usually does! All that on about a half hour sleep today. Rotter.

And now I’ve just finished watching the penultimate Haven Season Two episode (argh, a week to wait for the finale!) and am about to go to bed. Weary, but have had a lovely weekend so far!

Oh, and yes, submissions for Apocalypse Hope are now CLOSED! Thank you everyone who has submitted. I intend to have the reading completed by October 31. Please feel free to query if you have not heard from me by that date.

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Being social

The weekend simply flew by (as did today!), because we were having a lovely social time!

Friday night we got a surprise visit from husband, in between flights. Only home for a couple of hours but the big kids were delighted. Was lovely to have him home, even for a very short time.

On Saturday I played host to Helen’s get together – she invited a bunch of friends to my house for the afternoon/evening. Why my house? So that she didn’t have to stress about getting ready for it, mostly! I spent a couple of hours in the morning tidying up and cooking – veggie soup and my super duper veggie slice/muffins – then managed to fit in a couple of episodes of Haven before people arrived – VERY organised! The ladies were all lovely, the kids played beautifully, and the last of them (Helen, Sarah and Ju + progeny) rolled out the door at about 10pm. I was sensible and quit the wine quite a lot earlier than that!

Sunday we thought we’d head for the swimming pool but the weather was revolting and I really didn’t want to. Fortuitously, the Batts sent us a message asking if we wanted to meet them at the Fun Station for a playdate, which we did! We then came back to our place and I made spag bol for lunch for us all, which meant lots of lovely conversation time (and again, kids were great).

Poor Master One had an attack of the vicious nappy rash again, and I think we might be able to pin it down to strawberries (which he loves, and between us all on Saturday we consumed a couple of kilos, supplied by Helen and Sarah – reckon that’s what it is). Have advised daycare and we’ll keep him away from them for a while (at least til he’s out of nappies!).

Our praccie started today at work, for two weeks – very nice, mature age student, works in a school library part-time already, so most useful! She got stuck in to it straightaway and is already tidying up our messes 🙂 Day flew by though, and now it’s time for home!


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Weekends are cool

It’s been a fairly quiet one (bar the number of cars driving around in our usually very quiet cul-de-sac today – weird). The kids and I have done a quick grocery shop, a walk to the park and a swim during the weekend, but otherwise it’s been Wiggles, Pop Tropica and Nintendo DS for them, a visit from Terri, Misfits and Doctor Who for me! I managed to unexpectedly divest of the two larger kids this afternoon, off to a friend’s, so just me and bub for a few hours! He’s become a Wiggles convert (and the newish Best of the Wiggles DVD is super long! Wonderful!) and has just been playing with Play Doh in his high chair for a bit (oops, he ate a bit. Ah well). Quite lovely actually, even with the constant cheeriness from the television (some of those songs are MAJOR earworms!). Hmmm, wonder if there’s work I should be doing. Oh look, a pile of unfolded washing *averts eyes*.

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