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All about the marking

After three and a half assignments worth of marking in the space of a few weeks, seems like I’m finally in the swing of it! This batch has been going really smoothly, and I’ve now got more behind me than ahead of me, which is very nice. Will do a couple more tonight, and finish the rest off during my child-free day tomorrow. And then I’m DONE! One more week of monitoring the online forum and supporting the students in the pre-examination stress, and that’s dusted. And I’ll be officially unemployed for a few months. Weird feeling!

Yesterday was pretty much just about marking (although there were a lot of Aurealis Awards emails, which was interesting). Today, we all slept in a bit, then Master Two and I dropped the big kids off at school, dropped two boxes of baby clothes on Miss Cackle’s front porch, and dropped into Maccas for brekkie and a play, before heading to the park for the community Teddy Bears’ picnic. LOTS of people, LOTS of kids, but quite a lot to do as well – M2 had fun for the hour we were there, so that’s a win.

He was pretty weary when we got home, so I got a bit of marking done while he mooched about and then slept. Picked the big kids up, popped into the shops, got the big ones haircuts, as well as a few other little jobs done, came home and slave laboured them into a tidy up! They are now happily playing Pokemon on the Wii & DSi (M2 watching something on “Paddy”) and I get to keep marking! And write this blog post. Off again now!

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New Project! Year’s Best YA anthology…

You know me, hate the thought that I might get *shudder* BORED or something! Alisa Krasnostein at Twelfth Planet Press and I will be co-editing a new Year’s Best reprint anthology (due out in 2014), and it will be all YA stories! 

Twelfth Planet Press announces a new Year’s Best reprint series, the Year’s Best Young Adult Speculative Fiction.

Editors Alisa Krasnostein and Tehani Wessely are now reading internationally for the inaugural anthology, and are seeking Young Adult speculative fiction first published in 2013 for consideration.

Our goal is to uncover the best young adult short fiction of the year published in the anthologies dedicated to the form, the occasional special edition of a magazine, and individual pieces appearing in otherwise “adult” anthologies and magazines, and bring them together in one accessible collection. So many young readers are avidly reading speculative fiction in novel form; we want to introduce them to the delight that can be found in the short story as well.

What is YA? We define the Young Adult arena of speculative fiction as being multifaceted. It’s not just about the age of the protagonist; it’s not just about the generally accepted “coming of age” story; it’s not just stories about young people and the (figurative or literal) journey they are on in life. We’re not afraid of stories that shine a dark light on human nature, if it is relevant to the YA theme being explored. We aren’t scared of things that go bump in the night. We want science fiction, fantasy, horror, and all of the subgenres associated with these. We want to explore diversity in all forms, because young people are diverse, and they want to see themselves and their friends in the stories they read. We consider Young Adult to be a subset of adult fiction rather than children’s fiction.

This is a REPRINT anthology. We are only reading material first published during the calendar year of 2013. Reprint submissions are welcome from anywhere in the world, in the English language (we are more than happy to consider translations of works appearing for the first time in 2013). We anticipate a publication date in the first half of 2014.

PUBLISHERS: You are welcome to send e-copy (in Word, PDF and/or Mobi format) or hard copy, at your discretion.

Electronic Submissions should be directed to:

Print Submissions should be directed to:
Tehani Wessely
PO Box 559
Kings Meadows TAS 7249

READERS: We appreciate your recommendations. Please use the subject header Year’s Best YA Recommendation and email

If your publication appears on the Web only, please make us aware of it at the email address above.

WRITERS: Please ask your publisher to send copies of their publications. Please do not send your individual story or stories unless we request such from you.

Please post and/or pass this on to others.

DEADLINE for 2013 materials: November 30, 2013

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Getting there, slowly

Starting to accept I need a nanna nap in the middle of the day – has become a habit over the past few days, and while I feel bleaurgh immediately on getting up, I am more productive thereafter. It probably doesn’t help when I stay up until nearly 1am reading though! (The offending book was Quintana of Charyn by Melina Marchetta – so good!).

Looking very handsome with his lovely even haircut!

Master Two and I had a nice morning – wandered around Bunnings looking for a couple of things we needed, stopping for playground time and a very nice cup of tea. Then we meandered around our local shopping centre, where he got a much needed haircut and we discovered that watching Timmy Time on the iPhone distracts him from the usual screaming and flinching we have been putting up with for the last two years of hair cuts! Win! I was so pleased with him he not only got the hairdresser lollipop, he got a little “Big Red Car” from the toyshop AND a new Maisie book.

Didn’t achieve much between getting home and unpacking groceries and heading to pick Miss Seven up (which was a bust, cos she wangled an invite to a friend’s house instead!) but came home to clean out her cupboard. Now have four more bags of clothes for her friend who is older but far more petite than she! Spent time yesterday sorting clothes as well, and have two boxes for a teeny bub and two bags for my niece as well. Good to have all these little girls to pass things on to, but a little sad to be getting rid of them all.

I need to spend the next few days marking assignments, but hopefully will be finished on Thursday, which gives me two weeks to finish all the “nesting” I want to achieve! Got the beds moved about yesterday and Master Two coping with his new sleeping spot (it’s a shared space with his sister’s toys and clothes; next job is to move his clothes into there and properly set up for the baby in the other room!). Busy times, but getting there!

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While I procrastinate a little more

I’m avoiding making dinner (it’s only going to be spaghetti on toast, but I’m still procrastinating!), so I thought I’d quickly update.

Am a bit weary today – I know I should give myself a break, as I’m nine months pregnant, but I generally feel fine, so tend to overdo! I finished my second last batch of marking on Thursday and have given myself the weekend off “paid” work to catch up on other things. Those other things haven’t really been achieved today, but I have managed to go to a book launch and take Master Two to a birthday party in the park, so I have still accomplished something! Just the boys and me tonight until husband gets home (not expecting him for at least another hour – his new machine arrived yesterday, which is very exciting!), as Miss Seven is staying at a friend’s house.

Yesterday was sociable – M2 and I did a spot of shopping after we dropped the big kids at school, then met with friends at Treasure Island (or “Pirate Island” as he calls it!) for another long play. Scarpered home for him to have a VERY short sleep, picked big kids up, home for a brief interlude and then out again for M7’s school play. Bit tired by the end of that, especially as she was in hysterics afterwards for no particular reason other than she’d had a big week I think!

Tomorrow looks pleasant as we have no formal plans, so hopefully can catch up on the laundry and other bits and bobs. Need to get baby and hospital bag packed properly (just in case) and want to finish sorting out the last box(es?) of kids clothes. Would really like to get the kids’ rooms moved around in prep for baby too, but will need husband to muscle the beds. And of course, now we’re looking like moving in December, I’m starting to look at the shed and think, what needs re-packing properly? What can be got rid of? Already know we won’t need M7’s bed any more, but not sure it’s worth trying to sell as it’s covered in stickers and scribbles beautiful artwork! Urgh, so much to do. I hate moving, though by now at least I am pretty good at the process!

Master Two with his mask (he may have had a little help)

Miss Seven at the book launch after mask making

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36 weeks!

We hit 36 weeks pregnant yesterday. All well, though doctor said at yesterday’s appointment, “There’s a big baby in there!” which is a little worrisome re possible early arrival! He also got sweetly excited when we were looking at my appointments over the next couple of weeks: “So we’ll see you here next week, then you’ve got a hospital appointment the week after, and then (astonished look as if this only just occurs to him), and then it’s BABY!” I like him 🙂 Which reminds me, I really need to take a belly photo before there’s no (baby) belly left to photograph.

Today Master Two and I went for a big drive out to Fingal, near where husband’s mining project is, to look at a house for sale. We liked it – part of it is almost 100 years old, but it’s been added on to and well-refurbished. On seven acres but “in town” (for a given value of “town”), and terribly affordable, if we’re happy to move away from all our lovely conveniences and social life. We’re considering. If some friends of ours who think it’s rather nice don’t jump in and buy it first!

This week has been all about marking, except for today. Just a couple left of this batch then I have 16 or so due this week to knock over next week, and then I’m free! I’ve actually been quite enjoying the marking, as some students have done a really good job which is almost professional development for me. Some not so great ones too, but almost always some interesting ideas. Wish they didn’t take so long to work through though, cos I’ve lots of other things to do!

Husband is having the day at home tomorrow so hope to get him to move some beds around – need to switch Master Two into a different bedroom in prep for baby, while Miss Seven and Master Ten will be sharing for a few months, until the baby and M2 can be put in the same room. It’s a fun jigsaw puzzle, which will hopefully work for the shortish time it needs to. Given everyone gets shifted about when we have visitors anyway, should be fine.

Spent some time (too much time, thanks to Facebook’s stupid systems!) last night doing a major cull of my Facebook “friends”. I went through a long stage of seeing how FB worked as a professional connections tool, and while I think it has merit, I’ve realised I really don’t have time to maintain the number of “friends” I had there. I’ve cut it back to about a third of what it was, keeping pretty much family, people I know in real life and some people who I really do enjoy following and interacting with online. Many people I culled I follow on Twitter or read their blogs, so I’m pretty sure I’ll still keep in the loop! 🙂

Need to try for a decent night’s sleep tonight – last two have been a bit woeful, and need a good night to work with tomorrow, attacking the marking again! Night all!

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