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The plague! The plague!

Given the fact each member of the household has been dragged down by one infection or another in recent weeks, it was bound to come around to my turn again. I had tonsillitis a while ago (for the first time ever – I’d always wondered why people complained so much about what was, to my mind, essentially a sore throat. Yes, I won’t make that assumption again) but have managed to ward off the other bugs and viruses my lovely family tried very hard to share with me! Master Eight is still not fully recovered from his own throat infection (not being able to take the medicine without gagging probably doesn’t help), Miss Five has a yucky cough which followed a bit of a temperature spike the other day. Otherwise she seems okay though! And of course, the baby with his ear infection, who is recovering very nicely (he looks forward to his medicine – it must taste nice!). So on Thursday I started sneezing and getting a bit sniffly in the morning. By the afternoon my eyes were burning and my head was stuffy. Yesterday the stuffy head and runny nose continued in full swing, although I went to work and generously shared my germs with everyone there. Today is about the same as Thursday mostly – better than yesterday at least. Fingers crossed I avoid any further symptoms and get all better by Monday!

Beware, the plague!


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You can tell I’m back at work

I’m in that funny stage where I’m spending LOADS of time on the computer because I just don’t feel like doing anything else. Managed to get all the washing done today (although disappointingly, not folded and put away – where are my laundry fairies!), but bugger all else. To be fair, Bub was at perhaps his least co-operative, refusing to sleep and having random screaming sessions. When I tried to take him for a walk though he refused to go further than the corner, and while we played soccer for a bit, he got bored with that too. Clearly still a bit unwell (most obvious by his lack of appetite!). Big kids aren’t much better. Miss Five has a hacking cough and Master Eight’s throat is still very sore (a fact he tried to hide from me by not complaining at all, because he hates the medicine so much!). And now of course I’ve got a snuffly nose and the sneezes. Hopefully a good night’s sleep will put a cork in it. Although with the wild weather we’re having right at this moment, it might be a bit noisy to sleep! I woke at 5am because the rain was so loud, and after a showery, blustery day, it’s back in force again.

Holidays finished as well – Monday was a pupil free day, which I spent half of implementing PD for staff. Didn’t do much good – four of us spent three hours yesterday going through the records (for the survey we PDed) and it was shockingly badly done. Disappointing for educated people to do so badly at a fairly straightforward thing. Also had a mass of books to process that arrived over the break, but my other half at work managed to magic most of them away on Tuesday, so the desk was clear yesterday. Nice!

Other than that, I’ve been doing a lot of work for the Aurealis Awards, as the process starts up again for the year. A few bugs to iron out and all that, but the entries are rolling in already, which is fabulous.

And there’s been a bit of slushing for Apocalypse Hope in there. Am very impressed with the number of submissions so far. Still two months to go!

I’ve also been reading a few books that are not Children’s or YA, which has been sort of nice. A bit disappointed in some, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles I guess. Alex and I finished the Vorkosigan Saga (still a couple of posts to write, but the reading is done!) and just about anything is disappointing off the back of Bujold! Have been trying to read some review books interspersed with “for fun” books in my little gap between CBCA boxes (new one early next week, so only a couple of days’ grace left), because my TBR shelves are a bit ridiculous. And the Book Depository is STILL getting my money, which means more books coming darn it!

Another day at work tomorrow, hopefully a little grown up conversation Saturday (pending the state of everyone’s health) and home open Sunday. Bring it on.

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Aurealis Awards now open for entries

2011 Aurealis Awards open for entries

SpecFaction NSW are delighted to announce that the 2011 Aurealis Awards are now open to entries.

The Aurealis Awards, Australia’s premier awards for Speculative Fiction, are for works of speculative fiction written by an Australian citizen, or permanent resident, and published for the first time between 1 January 2011 and 31 December 2011.

2011 Aurealis Award’s co-convenor, Chris Barnes, says “Last year the Aurealis Awards received over 600 entries across twelve categories ranging from Best Horror Short Story to Best Fantasy Novel, Young Adult Fiction and Children’s Picture Book. We’re looking forward to another bumper crop of entries for the 2011 Awards.”

“These awards are unique, in that each category is judged by a panel of judges. Our judges are drawn from a range of literary backgrounds and experience including; editors for both small and mainstream press, librarians, critics and published authors.”

“We’re delighted to be able to again host the awards in Sydney,” Mr Barnes added.

Entries close on 31 December 2011. Finalists will be announced in March 2012 and winners announced at a special presentation evening in Sydney in May 2012. For more information on the awards or to register your entry, go to the Aurealis Awards website at

For more information contact the Awards co-convenors, Chris Barnes and Susan Wardle, at

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Moving house

 No, not literally yet, unfortunately. But I have moved over to Word Press at (RSS me into your reader!). For those interested, here’s my most recent posts:

The RSS is also available through LiveJournal – just friend  🙂

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And time gets away again

It’s already Saturday! Second last day of the holidays to boot! Now I have to think what I’ve been doing…

Wednesday – Hosted a unit writing meeting here for a new undergraduate teacher librarian course that ECU look to be implementing as part of their school of education. This is a pretty big thing because presently in Australia, one can only become a qualified TL by post-graduate studies, so it’s something I’m delighted to be in on the ground floor of. I’m also pleased to see it will come under the Education umbrella, because library studies are often part of the computer or information science branches, which means a very different thing. Was a very productive meeting with two very knowledgable and interesting women.

Thursday – We started out with haircuts for the big kids, progressed to buying school shoes for the big kids, then braved the first day of the Target toy sale. I had seen that they had a good deal on DSi consoles, and I must have been in the right mood, because both children scored a new one. Am proud of myself that we bought nothing else though! We then made our way to Mandurah for lunch with the Battersby clan (sans Father Battersby), along with Sarah Parker (sans kids!). Was a most pleasant couple of hours. Bub was pretty knackered by the time we got in the car though!

Friday – My final work(ish) commitment of the holidays – took myself up to the State Library for the WA Premier’s Book Awards judging conference. A room full of learned, avid readers, particularly my fellow YA and Children’s judges (Mif, past CBCA and current Aurealis Awards judge, who I’ve been working with online for some time and have met in person a couple of times; Judi J, who was CBCA judge last year and someone I’ve been communicating with online for a while; and Bev, bookseller extraordinaire, who, even though she’s local, I rarely see!). The conference was good, with some very pleasing results (sorry, you’ll have to wait until September 30 for those!) but it was quite funny to see all the other judges disappear afterwards while me and the team swanned off to lunch together, for more mad book yakking 🙂 Was great. Dropped Mif to the airport afterwards, then made the mistake of not checking my Perth Traffic twitter feed before merrily heading home down the Kwinana freeway, which slowed to a crawl backed up on Roe, before a dead stop for ages halfway to Rockingham. A 50 minute trip turned into three hours. Lucky I had podcasts to keep me company! If I’d only stayed on Tonkin, I would have been home for a couple of hours kid-free time! Ah well. Thanks Writer and the Critic and Galactic Chat for keeping me company!

Saturday – Managed to get a relatively early night last night (desperately needed, and sorry to Helen for cancelling plans) which turned into a relative sleep in this morning, when the baby didn’t wake until after 7! Nice. Discovered that husband’s red eye flight was horribly delayed last night due to fog in Melbourne. My phone had updated and locked the SIM, which I didn’t realise meant no incoming calls or messages! Oops. Ah well, he got there in the end, although I’m pretty sure today would have been a write off for him.

We had a home open this morning. It’s not good that I like the fill-in agent better than our regular one (who’s on holidays) is it? Ah well. Starting to consider alternatives to selling – the market is just dead. Of course, we’ll make a decision on that and we’ll probably get an offer the next day! Still thinking, anyway.

And that’s me up to date. I’m feeling pretty chuffed that I’m keeping up my reading/reviewing/judging commitments, as well as having some reading for fun time. And squeezing in a bit of Doctor Who as well 🙂 Hmmm, sounds like a plan for tonight – ironing in front of Doctor Who on the big screen – love my new cables!

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