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I Iz Carnivore

Because I couldn’t resist…

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A random promo

So we’ve been unpacking a few boxes, and I finally got to unpack my crystal and pewter and so on. First time in about five years I’ve been able to display anything, so it’s nice. And I realise that I haven’t seen my Foot sculptures. So I go searching, and find another box that hasn’t seen the light of day in even LONGER. Buried among childhood china figurines are my Foot sculptures, and they are just as beautiful as ever. No, they are sculptures of feet, they are artworks by the scuptor Foot Young. Many people may not have heard of him. I’ve never seen him advertised, never seen his work anywhere except…

He used to have a little shop in Pacific Fair on the Gold Coast. That’s where I discovered him. Much of his work is far beyond my humble means, but I did manage to pick up a few pieces over the time I lived at the Coast. A couple of small sea pieces, and the gorgeous Hana Lei bust (which I drooled over for 18 months before finally biting the bullet and buying). Husband didn’t believe the pieces were anything exciting, so I went and found the Foot website:

You should too. He does beautiful stuff (although, if you’re like me, you might only be able to afford the mini pieces, and then only once a year or so!).

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Book Reviews

I am amending my remissness. Dear lovely

 was kind enough to permit me to read the wonderful New Ceres issue 2 and while I wrote a review for it (which has been put up on the newly refreshed Andromeda Spaceways Book Reviews pages) I forgot to blog it! Fixing that now:

Go to to read the New Ceres review. You can also read some other reviews there too, if you want 🙂

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Heroes – Ando

I’ve always been fond of Ando, but in tonight’s ep (the last before the finale), I found myself just wanting to take him home and making him a cuppa – he’s gorgeous!

Or is that just me?


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That’s cool

Y’know what’s even more fun than getting a big parcel of books from Harper Collins for the Aurealis judging? Opening said books and finding that a whole bunch of them have cover art by Les Petersen. That’s OUR Les Petersen, who was a founding member of Andromeda Spaceways, who was our Art Director for a number of years and who has supplied a good many of our covers and internal illustrations over the past five years, including the (brand new) covers for the recently released Best Of ASIM anthologies. Woot Les! 

Oh, and you know, the books are good too I’m sure.

One of our latest Les Petersen covers – click HERE to check out the contents (and other Les artwork!)


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