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Where does time go?

I’ve had trouble getting anything written here – I blame visitors, school holidays and the fact I’m blogging elsewhere! We’ve had a very social few weeks which has included multiple sleepovers, a Tansy & family overnight visit, a fishing day out, an Emma & B visit, a job won and lost for husband, Helen & J for two nights, a couple of movies, and LOADS of extra children and chauffeuring about of ours in their busy social schedules! I wanted to get lots more done than I did, but well, didn’t. I’m working now on unpacking the final boxes in the study, doing the filing/tax, and unpacking the boxes in Bub’s room and finishing the sorting of the clothes for keeping or handing on. There are still quite a few more stealth boxes in various hidey holes. At least a couple I can’t unpack until I get a lovely display cabinet. Almost all the books are unpacked. I think a couple more might be yet more clothes (probably mostly for discarding). And there’s a few jammed with toys (again, many of which can be passed on). What’s in the rest? It’s an adventure in unpacking, because I don’t know!

And time is running out. The marking will start to roll in soon, and then I’ll be turning over assignments and other uni work until at least November. Need to get a wriggle on!

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Catching up or keeping up?

Well, I got the marking done. I finally got Master Ten, Miss Seven, Master Three and our bedrooms basically unpacked and properly habitable. I’m working on bathrooms today and Bub’s room will be last. All the outgrown clothes have been dumped in there for sorting & storing/discarding. Then it’s just the last boxes in the study, and gradually sorting/finding homes for/tossing the “stuff” in the stored boxes. Getting there!

I also managed a huge cleanup on Friday before our visitors on the weekend, so the house is looking quite nice! Helen, Stewart & J came to stay Saturday night, which was, as usual, lovely. Successfully cooked delicious red lentil soup, ate lots of cheese & drank some wine, accompanied by excellent conversation – can’t ask for more!

Last week I applied for two jobs – with husband’s redundancy five weeks ago, we’re looking at employment options for both of us. I don’t WANT to go back to outside-the-home work, but it might be necessary, and these jobs, while very different, are both interesting! We’ll see what happens.

Other than that, just trying to get on top of FableCroft work, in case one of these jobs comes off! Onwards…

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Just keep swimming…

So. Many. Things. To. Do.

  • batch of uni marking
  • formatting Liquid Gold to get ebook ready for sale
  • organise contract for forthcoming FableCroft project and format for sale (to be announced)
  • finish editing for (different) forthcoming novel project for FableCroft (to be announced)
  • work up blog posts for Momentum (I was announced as their new blogger on the weekend!)
  • keep unpacking (does it never end! We finally got Miss Seven into her room over the weekend, but there are STILL BOXES!)
  • CBCA reading (starting out late doesn’t help, but I’m almost on top of things)
  • clean bedrooms and put away all the things accumulating there
  • Continuum this weekend!

Oh, and keep kids alive and loved. Cos they’re cute and all:)



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So, we’ve moved again!

Yes, we just moved three months ago. Yes, moving again so soon hurt, a LOT. And I’m very cross with the owner of the last rental who refused to let us sign for a four month period because she wanted to put the house on the market (house still not on market, nor is it occupied). Grrr. Still, we’re done now, and finally back into a home of our own! It’s been a busy week. I had uni marking due Monday, so had to finish that before I could start packing. Spent Monday arvo & all day Tuesday packing. Removalists came yesterday (and whinged the whole time – not impressed!). They finished about 5.30. Managed to get beds organised for us all, amongst kid commitments (husband bought Chinese home for dinner thank goodness!) and I was zonked out by 9pm. So weary!

Thanks to a baby who only woke for one nighttime feed then slept until nearly 7am, I woke up feeling quite chirpy! Lucky, as today was pretty full on as well!

Today’s achievements included:
Solar installation
Screen doors installed
Foxtel connected
Powerpoint & light switch in new room
Blinds measured up for new room
Cleaning done at old house (not by me!)
Kitchen almost unpacked (by me)
Our bed put together (by husband)

Things not achieved:
All the other boxes
Internet access (Telstra says it’s connected. I’ve borrowed a phone from them to test the line before we escalate to faults).

So. Many. Boxes.

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Whoops, there went April…

Just scrolled back and realised it has been over a month since I did a proper update here. It’s been busy and May has completely caught me unawares so I’ve had to hit the ground running!

Alisa setting up the launch of One Small Step and The Bone Chime Song and Other Stories at Conflux

Alisa setting up the launch of One Small Step and The Bone Chime Song and Other Stories (and Asymmetry from TPP) at Conflux

I seem to have had deadline after deadline, some of them big, some small, but they’ve been piling up like crazy. Over the past month or so I have:

  • had the house settle, and organised a bunch of renovations to happen before we move in (next week!).
  • presented an hour long talk on getting published, thanks to CBCA Tas.
  • attended kids’ school events and chauffeured them about to various things.
  • got sick (just a cold, which luckily never really laid me low, but was annoying).
  • had Mum & Dad visit, with the lovely touring about (mostly to find fishing spots for Grandpop & Master Ten) that entailed.
  • went to Conflux, the spec fic Natcon in Canberra (just for two days, but was great!).
  • launched two books.
  • published more books/stories electronically.
  • had Alisa come to visit for a week (wherein we made lots of plans and progressed some projects).
  • had a husband home for almost the whole time as he was sick.
  • edited and laid out the WASLA journal.
  • proofed some cool projects.
  • marked a bunch of uni assignments (okay, that’s still in progress…)
  • socialised a fair bit.
  • read some books
  • lots more stuff I can’t remember.

And had a fairly unsettled baby throughout – he’s been sleeping shockingly, but touch wood is improving a bit both with longer day sleeps and less night waking. Hopefully next week’s move doesn’t muck him up again.

I’m a lot in love with our new house. Really not looking forward to the packing and moving and unpacking next week, but SO looking forward to being in this house. Husband got the trampoline put up today, and he and the kids have been around there swimming almost every day since it settled, despite the builders/painters etc being there! We have built in the garage to be a fifth bedroom, and it has BUILT IN BOOKSHELVES! Ridiculously excited about this, and the other shelving in the house. We also tiled some living areas, and got a fair bit of painting done. We’ve also got some new screen doors coming, and solar panels (to subsidise the heated indoor pool running costs!), but the house is just fantastic.

Might be a bit slack on the updates for a bit longer, but hopefully in another week or so I can get back into being more present!

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