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Aurealis Shortlists 2009

The blog&Twit-o-sphere has been buzzing with the 2009 Aurealis Awards shortlists all day, and I wanted to add my congratulations to all the shortlisted contenders. Naturally, I’m delighted that New Ceres Nights, which I edited with , Horn, Siren Beat, "Like Us" & "Paper Dragons" (from Shiny) and A Book of Endings are also all shortlisted, and I’m also very pleased to see so many ASIM stories on the lists, as well as Robbie Matthews’ collection, Johnny Phillips Werewolf Detective (as I printed a Johnny story in ASIM myself, back in the day!).

The categories are all extremely competitive, with wonderful work in all of them. So pleased to see so many of my flist up there in the running ( , , , and leap of the screen, but I’m sure there’s more!), so well done everyone!

The full lists are here.

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Shiny special deal!


Get Shiny Issue 2 for $1 all this week in celebration of Trent Jamieson’s Aurealis Award win for Best Young Adult short story for "Cracks"!


Subscribe now for the 2009 series of
Shiny and receive all Shiny back issues for FREE!
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Offer ends February 4, 2009

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This afternoon I read eleventy billion Shiny submissions (well, maybe twelve or so, but that’s LOTS) and a New Ceres sub. My inbox now has FOUR emails, and none of them need actioning.

My editing pile has grown however. And is glaring at me. Bah.

My ironing pile has also grown. Dammit, so has the Christmas card pile! Double bah.

I did upload some photos and video to Facebook though. That was fun πŸ™‚ And had lots of cuddles with kids. Even more better.

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Sneak peek at Shiny 4 – out now!

Whet your appetite dear friends…

Bren MacDibble makes her second appearance at Shiny with this story, set against the exotic backdrop of Bali, it’s a little bit SF, a little bit Fantasy. Here’s a taste of it.

Being Bella Wang
by Bren MacDibble

I’d felt her presence ever since the plane touched down in Bali and still I jumped at my name.

“Sienna!” A frail figure swanned across the green, hips jutting through a lime silk slip-dress.

A row of black shadow puppets danced across the hem at her knees. Her chest was
impossibly bony. The silk gaped, unfilled, and her sinewy feet were bare on the fine grass.

“Juliet?” She’d always been thin but this was the wasted body and disaffected pose of one of the starvation cults.

I dropped my putter and hurried towards her. She stretched out her hands, and when I took them they were cold, bizarre in the mugginess of a Balinese morning.

I pulled her to me, whole again after so long apart. She was stiff in my embrace and returned it with just one arm to my back, then pulled away. It hurt. She seemed shorter than me now, beyond the height given to me by golf cleats, but that was
impossible. We were genetically identical.

“Sienna, you softy,” she said. “How goes the golfing life?”

“It’s good enough I suppose.” The old arguments came back to me.

“I hear you’re the favourite for the junior strokeplay tomorrow. The Mother must be
pleased.” Juliet had never regarded the original Bella Wang as a mother, just as The Mother.

“She’s here you know.” I nodded at the clubhouse.

Juliet’s cool pose broke and she glanced towards the clubhouse.

I enjoyed a moment of evil glee until I saw her face in profile.

You can grab your copy of Issue 4 of Shiny from the website. Issue 5 will be out in very early December.

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Shiny 4 is live!

Happy Halloween! This is it! My first real journey with Twelfth Planet Press – Shiny #4.

Shiny Issue 4 has finally been released and has been sent out to all subscribers and features:

"Being Bella Wang" by Bren MacDibble
"All the Leaves your Bed" by Michael Merriam
"Skitter Skitter" by Rhonda Parrish
Reviews by Tehani Wessely and Tansy Rayner Roberts

To purchase your own copy, follow the link and have it emailed to your inbox for just AUS$3.


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