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Library Thing

While packing our first load of junk, um, stuff, er, household goods, onto the truck to go to the new home, I realised, again, how very many books I have. Husband noticed too. This led to a post to my ASIM group about the number of books, which led to spacejock directing us to his Library Thing catalogue, which led, naturally, to me remembering joining Library Thing a bit back but not doing anything with it. So, instead of being in a packing frenzy, I’m in slow-mo packing mode, in between cataloguing each book I put in the box. I’d be in trouble if husband notices how little I’ve actually got done… Ah well, will work harder tomorrow.

The point of this post. Go to Library Thing. Join. If you have more than 200 books, pay. It is spectacularly easy to use, and a fantastic resource for bookphiles.

I’m dragonkat on LT


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Can’t sleep

For the obvious reasons I guess. I’ve been surrounded in cyber love today. Thank you everyone who posted, on and off LJ. I have felt heaped in cyber hugs all day, and it helps. So does being busy, so, not feeling up to packing boxes yet, I immersed myself tonight in anthology layout. For the last hour and a half my shoulders have been cramped, my fingers have been getting sore on the keyboard and I’ve been getting terribly frustrated with old files from old disks that won’t open. But my mind has been busy, and now my eyes are tired. So it helps.

Again, thanks.

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Sad news

For those who know me, you’ll know we were expecting our third child in October. Sadly I had a miscarriage on Thursday. Emotional, sad, but physically okay, with great support from family and friends. To those, thanks.


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So even though I’ve finished work, I spent today marking assignments left over from last term (received when I was sick as a dog and couldn’t care, and missed the last two weeks of my class with boy’s broken arm). What do I find? Four assignments MIA and one that absolutely will not open. These are electronic submission PowerPoint presentations for Year 8s. I was actually surprised and pleased by the quality of most of the assignments, especially given that these poor kids missed out on a fair bit of what they should have got teaching-wise about using the program, and the fact that it was probably their first big secondary school assignment.

Still, some missing, which is a pain, because I’m not at school to track these kids down, and my co-teacher and her new teaching partner no longer have the class as it was a rotation. Bah!

Kids are as bad as authors for being tardy… No, I shouldn’t say that. Most of my authors have been absolutely bloody brilliant lately. Both for issue 31 AND the Best Of anthologies. I’m very lucky really.

So anyway, I’ve been sitting in front of the computer all day (which is not all that uncommon, but not usually as intense) and with no kids to interrupt today, I think I’m just about stuck in the chair – have I had lunch yet? Nope. And I desperately need a drink. going now!

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Another review on the ASIM website

I posted a review of Joel Shepherd’s upcoming fantasy (yep, that’s right, he’s done the switch from science fiction to fantasy – and well!) novel, Sasha, to the brand new and shiny Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine Reviews page yesterday. Go. Read it!


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