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Week 5

This week seems to have flown by. Partly I think because I’ve done very little else other than school pickups and dropoff, trying to catch up on some rest during the day. Had   and   visit on Saturday, and  ,  ,   and   visit on Sunday, which was wonderful, but for the week, have done nothing else!

Little man is now on a combination of bottle and boob – doesn’t seem to be bothering him much (a little perkier, but that’s because he’s overfilling I think). I’m still sore, but not as bad as it was a week ago, so we’ll persevere!

Apparently it’s a long weekend here this weekend, but other than Master Seven heading off for a play date on Sunday, we again have no plans. Maybe the Fun Station at some point or a movie at some point…

Oh, I did manage to put in for a couple of "at home" opportunities last week, and wrote two reviews. Whoo!

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Baby pic spam!

Finally got around to downloading some pix from over a week ago, and thought these were cute! But then, I would, wouldn’t I… 🙂


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When I lived in the Eastern States and became involved in the spec fic community almost ten years ago, I desperately wanted to go to a Swancon. It was, from all accounts, the epitome of the SF Convention in Australia – the friendliest, the most fun, the best… I now live in WA and have been to two Swancons. Due to family commitments, I won’t be attending the full convention, but for a while there, I wasn’t sure I would attend at all. Swancon is supposed to be on the top of the con-heap, not at the bottom because people aren’t safe when they attend. 

So I’m with  ,  ,  ,  , ,   and   and everyone else who is publicly putting themselves out there and saying:

You are not welcome. Don’t come.

If you don’t know what this is about, check out this post by  .


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Failing fast… :(

I’m currently failing at breastfeeding. This is a bit of a shock to me, as I had no problems at all with either of the other kids, so I’m a bit ill equipped to deal with it.

The baby didn’t seem to be having any problems after the rocky  start caused by all the stuff done to him in the first 24 hours. Then we had a few days where he seemed to be feeding constantly. And I imagine he really hasn’t been attaching properly, despite how good he seemed. By the end of this I was getting pretty sore and raw, and unfortunately, haven’t really recovered. Have tried expressing for a day at a time, am using shields, slathering with Lanisoh, airing, everything I and google can think of! Today I had bought formula, luckily, because this afternoon, I had nothing else for him.

He doesn’t seem to care what he’s drinking or how, and he’s content and chubby and all those good things. But I’m not coping at all. A lot of pain when feeding on one side, even with shields, and with two other kids to deal with, doubling up on time spent with boobs (ie: expressing then feeding) is not working at all. I’m also starting to get a bit of upper back, shoulder and neck pain from the time spent hunching over expressing and trying to find comfortable feeding positions!

I’m still persevering though. Will keep trying to express the bad side and shield the good side, and avoid the formula unless, like today, there’s nothing else. But I’m struggling. It might not be this hard if I could just devote all my time to it, but school runs and all those other kid-related and real-life interferences make it a bit hard! Ah well, tomorrow is another day – will just keep trying!


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Mini-Reviews #16

It recently occurred to me that what with the new baby and all, I hadn’t had a chance to post any mini-reviews since very early January! So, here’s my reading for the past six weeks or so – yes, I HAVE managed a bit, despite bub’s best efforts 🙂

The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance 2, Trisha Telep (ed.) – Nothing stood out in this over-large collection. I think the editor should have looked for more quality (and depth of story) and less quantity.

Must love Hellhounds
, Harris, Singh, Andrews, Brook, 361p. – Good enough to make me go and buy a bunch of books in the series two of these novellas spring from. Really enjoyed it!

Vacations from Hell,
Bray, Clare, Gray, Johnson, Mlynowski, 280p. – Really enjoyed this, particularly the last two stories. One story read just like a horror movie, which was great! Not all happy endings, which makes a very nice change…

Fantasy in Death
, JD Robb – A lot more futuristic than most of the other books, but a great read, as always. Only disappointment was some terrible typesetting, which bugged the heck out of me!

Slice of Life,
Paul Haines – Urk! Haines scares me – he seems like such a nice guy in real life, but what comes out of his head is truly revolting. Well written but urk…

Naked in Death
, JD Robb, 313pp. – I’m revisiting the "In Death" series from the beginning. I’m pretty sure I’ve read them all, but I don’t own them all, because I borrowed from friends and the library for most. Am going to gradually fill in the gaps in my collection (the series just hit 30!), and I started with #1 here. Been a long time since I’d read it, and didn’t remember much of it at all. Lovely to see Roarke and Eve’s beginnings, but it feels odd without Peabody and all the usual characters – I missed them! I love this series…

, Laurell K Hamilton – Can’t quite believe I paid full price for this very short novel (it’s a novella, let’s be honest, despite what it boasts on the cover!). Ah the perils of being a collector! In truth, I think this is overlong for the story being told, and it could have been slotted in to a larger work (because it’s not a really big story and could have been a slice of a proper book), or, alternatively, been well-edited and pulled down to a short story for inclusion in a collection or anthology. Not my favourite, but not hideously bad.

Jack of the Fables 6: Book of War
, Bill Willingham etal – I’m a Fables fan – I don’t love Jack as much, but I always enjoy reading these anyway. Looking forward to the forthcoming Willingham Fables NOVEL!

Love Bites,
Lynsay Sands, 373p. – Heavy on the romance, not bad on the erotica, and a different but interesting approach to vampirism. A bit obvious in places and very much in the style of romance.

The Dark Griffin
(Book 1 of The Fallen Moon), KJ Taylor, 513p. – thoroughly enjoyed this! Got it as a review copy, but would purchase subsequent books, which is the best recommendation I can give!

Fallen, Lauren Kate – Fallen Angels are the new vampires in YA paranormals… Not bad, but nothing all that exciting. Teens will like.

Oathbreaker Assassin’s Apprentice, SR Vaught & JB Redmond, 384p. – Surprised me by how much I enjoyed it. Dark fantasy at a quality level.

Beautiful Creatures, Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl, 626p. – does itself a disservice by plugging itself as being the next Twilight – better written by far!

Blood Promise (a Vampire Academy novel), Richelle Mead, 503p. – Moving out of the YA realm and into adult novels.

Dragon of Trelian, Michelle Knudsen – A great fantasy for younger readers. Cover art does it no favours, but don’t judge!

Lonely Werewolf Girl, Martin Millar, 599p. – Did not finish – absolutely woefully written, simply couldn’t justify the effort it would take to plough through it.

Wizard Squared, KE Mills – First half a bit confusing (but for the right reasons!), but a well put together story. Enjoyed.

Kiss of Life
, Daniel Waters, 410p. – Not a fan of zombies in YA Paranormal – just seems icky. A competent book though.

Blade’s Edge
, Maya Snow, 261p. – Fast, action-packed read – not wholly plausible, but okay for the genre and age group aimed at.

Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident
, Eoin Colfer et al – Great adaptation able to bring new readers to the novels and as a great read on its own!

The Cold Kiss of Death
, Suzanne McLeod, 376p. – Surprisingly good – didn’t realise it was the second of a series, but one worth looking at.

A Touch of Death: the Sookie Stories, Charlaine Harris – I’ve read most of these shorts set in Sookie’s world before, but reading them in chronological order, and with a few more novels behind me, I found them enjoyable to read again. The only one I wasn’t impressed with was the last (which I hadn’t read before), set quite late in the world chronology, because the I thought it was quite offensively controlling, and bordering on sexual predator-ness masquerading as a sweet story. That was ick. The rest were good.

Storm Front, Jim Butcher
Fool Moon    Jim Butcher  – Thoroughly enjoyed these two books – nice to see a male protagonist in the paranormal genre…

The Time Traveller’s Wife
, Audrey Niffenegger  – Almost impossible to put down – extremely clever, well-written and a wonderful if sad story.

Lots of these were reviewed at ASif!, Fiction Focus and Magpies. I also did an article on angels in YA for Shiny 6 that was published in early Feb!


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