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Getting well

So I’ve been sick for a week now, hence the lack of posting here. Stayed home last Wednesday with Master One, who had been battling high temps for a few days and seemed quite unwell. After a marathon nap, he had perked right up, but I was on the downhill slide. Thursday was horrible, as I slept terribly on Wednesday night. I actually put M1 in his cot for over an hour and fell asleep (even though he didn’t!). I couldn’t even THINK about work on Friday and once all the kids were at school/daycare, I slept for most of the day. I can’t even remember the last time that happened. Picked them up about 5.30pm and once they were in bed, zonked out again.

Saturday wasn’t much fun – needed to do washing and tidy up, which I gradually did throughout the day. Miss Five went to a birthday party for a couple of hours, and I slept when M1 had his nap (luckily M8 is relatively self-entertaining as long has he has his DSi!). Then husband FINALLY came home, so all parental responsibility was turned over to him for most of the next five days! Spent half of Sunday asleep, and though I went to work on Monday, feeling a bit better, I don’t remember much of it and am fairly sure I wasn’t terribly productive! Everyone kept telling me I looked awful – nice!

Woke about 4am Tuesday morning with a hideous headache that I just could not budge. Despite this, I had to go to both hair and beauty salon (preparation for Friday night – WA Premier’s Book Awards!) – least fun I’ve ever had on a pamper day 😦 Went to the doctor as well, but he just told me it had to pass – advised decongestants, which I refuse to take (last time I did I ended up with a sinus infection that laid me out for weeks), but the chemist suggested some treatments which helped a little. Headache stuck around until this morning though. Went in to work yesterday (had some stuff I really had to get done) but came home at lunchtime. And yep, slept some more. Blah.

But today, I’ve been most productive! Still feel rotten in the head, but managed to finish the washing AND most of the folding, as well as catch up on a bunch of things that have been let slip over the past week. Even cleaned the leaves out of the pool! So the spirit is willing and the flesh only semi-weak now. Tomorrow I am taking M1 to the eye specialist (appointment made three months ago after several bouts of conjunctivitis – which of course he hasn’t had since) in the morning, but hopefully will get most of the day at work. Last day of term! How the heck did that happen?!


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In other news…

I mentioned it everywhere else but forgot to say it here! We had a very exciting bit of news yesterday, finding out that RJ Astruc’s story from Worlds Next Door has been shortlisted for the fabulous WSFA Small Press Award. I’ve blogged more about it here, and am terribly excited! The winner is announced in October.

And on the home front, we received Master Eight’s NAPLAN results yesterday too. NAPLAN is national testing conducted with all students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9, so this was his first year and I’m DELIGHTED by his results. His Reading (comprehension) is pretty much off the chart, his Spelling, Grammar and Numeracy are all above national average, with only his Writing coming in under national average (though still above school average and within normal limits). So proud of him!

I think I also may have forgotten to mention that Miss Five’s class performed at assembly last week – she was a singing star and had a speaking part. Okay, maybe I did mention that, but wanted to have a positive in this post for her too 🙂

Am proud mummy.

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On parenting

Today I am not going to work because Master One is unwell. To be honest, I feel pretty cruddy too, but I am functional and could have managed it. I don’t WANT to miss any work, given I have about 35 days left of my job before I leave. 35. That’s not all that many, and there’s a lot to do between now and then. And when you only work part-time, every day off has a snowball effect. A while ago we had a run of illness combined with professional development days that meant I was at work something like one day a week for a number of weeks. Makes it difficult to do your job well.

But this is one of those things they don’t tell you before you become a parent. Until I had kids, I had an attendance record to be proud of at work – barely a day off, as I was a pretty healthy person, and I like my job, so wanted to be there! Then come the children. If you’re lucky, you get about 10 paid sick days per year in your job. Sometimes they’re given up front, sometimes you have to accumulate them before you can take them. Healthy people might get a bout of tummy bug or flu that means they can’t function in a work environment a few days a year, requiring sick leave. My aunt, when she needed cancer treatment, was able to take more than a YEAR of paid sick leave, after over 30 years of service with hardly any days off! But when you’ve got little kids, suddenly, your sick leave is not just for YOU any more. Because (rightly), daycare won’t take kids when they’re ill. Well, you wouldn’t want them to really because a) that spreads the disease and b) you want to look after them yourself when they’re unwell. So when kids are sick (bad colds, tummy bugs, conjunctivitis and all the other lovely goopy things they pick up), you have to stay home. 10 days per year. I have three kids. If I’m lucky, they get sick at the same time. THAT HARDLY EVER HAPPENS. I have a husband who works away for at least half the year. If I’m lucky, he’s at home when kids are ill. THAT HARDLY EVER HAPPENS! So basically, I have 10 days between four people. That’s 2.5 days per person. And you know what else? Kids, particularly babies, GET SICK LOTS! Their immune systems are developing, they put all sorts of things in their mouths, they are around other sick kids a lot (at daycare/school). It doesn’t take long to use up sick leave when you have kids!

There’s no solution to this. I love my job and I love working, but I’m not the main income earner in my household, so it’s not like I can say to my husband, “I want to work full-time, how about you stay home with the kids for a couple of years?” I like my standard of living, and most of that is because he works hard in his job (which he also loves – dammit, why couldn’t I have married a slacker!?). Instead, I’m working towards a situation where I do most of my work from home, with a view to moving back into libraries proper once the kids are all a bit older and less prone to requiring days off. To that end, I’m also instilling in my kids the same view that my mum instilled in me – you don’t take days off unless you’re physically unable to get out of bed (or away from the loo!). Or otherwise extremely contagious! Hopefully that will serve us all well in the future.

This post brought to you courtesy of a sick baby and not quite well mummy 🙂


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Being social

The weekend simply flew by (as did today!), because we were having a lovely social time!

Friday night we got a surprise visit from husband, in between flights. Only home for a couple of hours but the big kids were delighted. Was lovely to have him home, even for a very short time.

On Saturday I played host to Helen’s get together – she invited a bunch of friends to my house for the afternoon/evening. Why my house? So that she didn’t have to stress about getting ready for it, mostly! I spent a couple of hours in the morning tidying up and cooking – veggie soup and my super duper veggie slice/muffins – then managed to fit in a couple of episodes of Haven before people arrived – VERY organised! The ladies were all lovely, the kids played beautifully, and the last of them (Helen, Sarah and Ju + progeny) rolled out the door at about 10pm. I was sensible and quit the wine quite a lot earlier than that!

Sunday we thought we’d head for the swimming pool but the weather was revolting and I really didn’t want to. Fortuitously, the Batts sent us a message asking if we wanted to meet them at the Fun Station for a playdate, which we did! We then came back to our place and I made spag bol for lunch for us all, which meant lots of lovely conversation time (and again, kids were great).

Poor Master One had an attack of the vicious nappy rash again, and I think we might be able to pin it down to strawberries (which he loves, and between us all on Saturday we consumed a couple of kilos, supplied by Helen and Sarah – reckon that’s what it is). Have advised daycare and we’ll keep him away from them for a while (at least til he’s out of nappies!).

Our praccie started today at work, for two weeks – very nice, mature age student, works in a school library part-time already, so most useful! She got stuck in to it straightaway and is already tidying up our messes 🙂 Day flew by though, and now it’s time for home!


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New Who Season 1 Report Card

See David’s S1 Report Card and Tansy’s S1 Report Card through the clickies!


The Doctor: I came to Eccleston’s Doctor from a Season and a half of Matt Smith, and it took me a few episodes to warm up to him, but I did, and by the end was rather sad to see him go. His tendency to grin that massive grin in the face of danger, even after mad pronouncements of doom, was a wonderful character trait, and despite (because of?) his “daft old face”, he was just lovely.

The Companions:

Rose Tyler: I really am not a Rose fan – she’s just so, urgh, right word, frivilous? That’s not really it, and to be fair, she does improve throughout the season, and I thought her few minutes channelling the time vortex was done brilliantly. I guess I just don’t find her all that believable a lot of the time – maybe she’s too opportunistic? Her self-centredness gets on my nerves. Second time around, she’s okay, and in her good bits, she’s great!

Adam Mitchell: I liked that he was smart, but he was never going to last!

Jack Harkness: Absolutely LOATHED him on the first watch through, but second time around he was really likeable. Weird, but true.

Recurring Characters:

Jackie Tyler: Jackie is tough despite her ditziness, and I love that we get to see more of her evolve as the season goes on.

Mickey Smith: Poor Mickey. Starts out really quite useless, but gets stronger as time passes, partly because Rose is so horrid to him. Well, maybe not entirely fair – I think for her Mickey kind of devolves to a brotherly role – not her fault he didn’t feel the same.

What is your favourite episode of this season?
“The Unquiet Dead”

Least favourite episode?
“The End of the World”

Favourite guest performance?

Simon Pegg

Describe this season in one word!


Grade: If I’d seen this season first, I would have been impressed, but it had to live up to what came later for me, which is hard to do. Thoroughly watchable though! B


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