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Grey Anatomy – Addison

Well, that’s one way to pilot a new TV series – run a sneaky double episode of the show you’re spinning off from and intersperse the current story with the sneak peek at the new one. 

Did anyone else get a weird Ally McBeal-y feel from Addison’s show?

Did anyone else bawl their eyes out at the climax tonight. Just me? Oh.

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Book Reviews

Don’t forget to get latest reviews from the Andromeda Spaceways Book Reviews page at

The delightful Simon Petrie has just had a review of Nova Swing go up.

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Aquarium visit

We took a visit to the marine aquarium today. It was very enjoyable, and the kids loved it (as did we). Got to touch the big turtles which was great, and see some BIG fish up close and personal, as well as the little reef fish. Much fun. My favourite photo from today:

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And in other news…

Real life this past three weeks has been ultra hectic. The new job is great. I love it. I love the school, I love most of what I’m doing and the remainder is okay too 🙂  I have three more weeks of this contract, then a week off contract, then back onto four weeks in the same school but a different area. Then school hols, then back for all of Term 4 to do an English contract – three senior English classes and one beautiful extension Year 8 class. Gotta love it! Fingers crossed for me at Transfers time, as I’m in line for a permanent library role in this school if no one else is ahead of me with the same qualifications. Yay!

The kids are doing well in full time kindy/daycare. Big boy has totally stepped up to being full time – he’s made good friends being there everyday, and doesn’t miss his old kindy friends much now at all, where he was quite sad about missing them before. Miss Bossy thoroughly enjoys her daycare, but only AFTER mummy has gone – there are lots of tears almost every morning, but she has a ball once I’m gone. 

I started my Graduate Diploma in Editing and Publishing this week. Really liking what I’m doing so far. Talk to me at the end of the year when I’m trying to get the final assignment for this subject done though!

This weekend will be all about cleaning up and sorting out. Need to get the filing done so I can sort the tax out. Have proofing to do for ASIM 31 and an editorial to write. Also on my list:
* layout for New Ceres
* print some and burn a disk of photos for Nanna
* help Big Boy write some letters to his friends (he desperately wants some mail in the mailbox that’s addressed to him!)
* read AA books and review books
* write reviews of books read
* spend time with family (probably fishing and watching Simpsons movie to start with!)

So yeah, things are busy, but I get the most stuff done then. However, if I owe you something, please prod me!


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