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We are no longer homeless!

Signed the lease, paid the money, got the keys and went and dropped off the first bags. Yay! Don’t know where I’ll put my computer desk, but still, yay!

Raced back to Perth to get to Fantastic Planet for drinks but the 10 minute walk was half an hour and we were already half an hour late so felt like wallflowers a bit. Stephen Dedman took pity on me though, and introduced me to a few people, which was nice of him 🙂

That’s about it for now. Removalists bring most of our furniture and effects tomorrow, so hopefully back to regular programming by Thursday evening!


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Update in Perth

Sitting at the internet kiosk in the hotel foyer at 7ish with two children whohave been out all day is distracting to say the least…

We went to the zoo yesterday, which the kids really enjoyed (yes, and us too!).

Looks like we’ll get the house we’ve put in for in Shoalwater. Drove past again today – it’s still nice, and quick to new work.

Got Miss Two booked into ABC Rockingham for next year. Still checking out the childcare and school sitch but if nothing else is better, this one looks nice – young staff, on the way to work!

Not much else is news. This hotel is pretty bomby and we’re looking forward to getting OUT!

Still planning to hit Fantastic Planet tomorrow arvo/evening – anyone else?

And yes, feeling much better now.


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From the good to the gah…

Wanted to go on city bus tour this morn – rushed out to get to stop by 8.55am and then realised that the busstop sign said first bus 10.35am. Rang number on catalogue “Those brochures must be 18 months out of date” No apology though.

Stupid real estate rang – sent incorrect paperwork for sale of house. No apology though.

Rang Allied Pickford to find out where our car is. Oh, takes up to 14 working days. Not what we were told last week. No apology though.

On the plus side, I got posted with DET to a school about 60 km from Perth. Obviously not taking, but still…
And still sick.

Oh, can’t say which school I’m at til next week. Got offered the job on the spot but it doesn’t actually CLOSE til Monday! Not public.


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In Perth time…

Husband goes back to work Monday, so we’ll be left to our own devices in the city in the evenings from Monday through to maybe Thursday depending on when we move into our new house. I’m hoping to make it to drinks at Fantastic Planet on Tuesday evening. Anyone else?

And what else should I check out? We’re staying in Hay Street (bottom end).

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Quick catchup

I started this yesterday but ran out of credit before I posted! I sum up…

* Big plane ride, much vomiting just before landing – oh goodie.
* Pick up husband, get lost going to hotel, nice when we arrive.
* Phone messages from real estate (home sale being delayed by two weeks) and Smart Teachers – job interview Wednesday.
* Tues – start house hunting. Not much where I want, hubby cranky. Start looking south.
* Smart Teachers call re interview – Teacher Librarian job at Rockingham – ooh, beach town!
* House hunting moves to Rockingham.
* Wed – interview – VERY good, DREAM job, offered on the spot!!!
* House hunting continues…
* Thurs – Very ill Wed night and Thurs, but house hunting goes on. Visit the lovely Rockingham beach and the bowling alley, kids love it. House inspections. Ooh, yes, very nice!
* Put in application for a gorgeous four bedroom house in Shoalwater (Shoalhaven? Gah!) – find out tomorrow.

Very potted version of our week – been very busy obviously, but so stoked about the job! Rockingham is lovely, and while not originally where we were looking, it’s ideal really. The job is just awesome, I’ll describe in more detail when I’ve got better access. Hopefully we won’t be homeless next week!


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