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Swancon is over.

i helped run a convention. It was by turns fun, educational, inspirational and damn hard. It’s now over, and more of my time is again my own(ish). I still don’t think I’m fully over it though – not the event so much as the leadup and the hard work throughout the weekend! I’ve blogged a (very) little about it over at FableCroft and am rounding up a whole heap of everyone else’s Swancon posts there too, just for fun 🙂

The only thing I’d like to add is to say to  ,   and  , you rock. Robin, Stefan, Jay and everyone else who helped along the way, or during the weekend (looking at you Doug, Linda, the Turner twins and too many others to name!), we couldn’t have done it without you either! And thanks also to Ellen, Justina, Sean and Sarah, for being the nicest, bestest guests any con comm could ask for.

I don’t ever want to do it again, but I’m glad I got to be part of it.


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Swancon Guest of Honour luncheon

Don’t miss out on the Guest of Honour luncheon at Swancon! Tickets must be booked by 5pm today. Details here:

And check out the last minute update post on all the interesting bits and pieces you need to know about the weekend ahead! 

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Long time no update

I’ve done a few posts but nothing much really! I shall blame:

* Swancon organising (eleven days to go!)
* Getting After the Rain finished (it’s here! Looks brilliant! You can buy it!) 🙂
* Work (just normal busy stuff)
* Reading (working through the WA Premier’s Book Awards judging – lots and lots of great Aussie YA)
* Buying houses (a little one in Tassie – NOT to move to!)
* Family (they keep me busy, yes)
* Andre Norton Award shortlist interviews (just started, but interesting again this year!)

I’m also excited about the forthcoming awards (Aurealis, Ditmars, Tin Ducks and more!) being announced soon, which FableCroft is nicely represented in. And I’m planning my trip to the AAs (flying overnight visit to Sydney!) in May. And lots of other stuff. Is good!


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