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Visual catch up, in lieu of actual content…

We’ve had a fairly busy few weeks round these parts. Two kids’ birthdays, school performance, fishing, parties with friends, job applications, lots of work stuff. But here are some photos from the goings on, in lieu of an actual decent catch up post! BigBoy BirthdayBoy DevilDan WesselyKids Gwynne2 Gwynne3 MissMuffettandCo MissMuffettandGoldilocksphoto 17 IMG_3326 Screen Shot 2013-11-17 at 8.04.07 AM

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Okay, so I’ve been busy, what’s new?!

Yes, the last time I posted properly was on the first day of our holiday. Yes, that was nearly a full month ago. GOOD GRIEF WHERE DOES TIME GO?! I know; it disappears down the vortex of university marking, family, reading, publishing and well, life.

IMG_2963We had a lovely time with the grandparents in Queensland. The kids are SO not country kids anymore (well, to be fair, Master Three never has been, but Master Ten and Miss Eight spent an awful lot of time on the farm when they were younger and have no excuse!), and are nervous of bugs, flies, ants, snakes (reasonable) and scared of the dogs. Especially M3, but after some intense conditioning, he was happily interacting with them in the second week of the holidays. A big improvement on screaming in terror when the puppy so much as looked at him!

Was really nice to catch up with friends and family. I had planned to attend GenreCon in Brisbane on the final weekend of the holidays, but due to various factors, that didn’t pan out. Probably for the best in the end, as I was pretty busy anyway! We had Miss Eight’s birthday while we were there, and despite my intentions of no parties, Granna decided we would have one! A couple of little friends and cousins, the excellent Miles Historical Village and Museum as the venue (Mum works there), and a swim at the pool after. I made the cakes, party bags came courtesy of Mum’s strategically stocked party box, and it was most pleasant.

We got home from the trip with absolutely no issues – I’m pretty sure the plane into Launceston landed on the dot of the itinerary flight time, and we had excellent hosties on both flights. We absolutely froze for the next couple of weeks though, as it turned back cold here, and after warming our blood in 30-35 degrees for the QLD trip, it was a bit of a shock! Since then, I’ve marked two batches of assignments, started work on writing a new university unit for a new course, published nearly three books (and fixed issues with some others), started a new publishing project (surprise surprise), read eight zillion books for CBCA judging (so far behind, trying furiously to catch up!), started organising two more birthdays (M10 and Bubs coming up next week-ish!), written (and co-written) and edited essays on Doctor Who, helped husband with a bunch of stuff for his new projects, and gosh so much else I can’t even think. And I’d best get back to it! Hopefully won’t be another month before I manage another post!

IMG_2931 IMG_2954 IMG_4735 IMG_2999 IMG_3056


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Winter germ-buckets

photo 1Heh, it amuses me that the last personal post I did here was about finally sending the baby to daycare. Ever since, one or the other or more of the family have been sick! Bubs kindly brought home a gastro bug from daycare, which four out of six of us experienced (though Master Three was spectacular in his recovery from one single massive vomit, with no further symptoms! It wiped husband and I out for a day each though – different days, luckily). Then we were hit with another cold (we’d already had one a few weeks before), which has taken down Bubs, M3 and Miss Seven, with the lingering cough the worst hangover. Bubs also manifested conjunctivitis, so I took him to the doctor, who diagnosed an ear infection and prescribed antibiotics, which worked a treat! Eyes cleared up within 24 hours, which was a relief. M3 and M7 both missed a bit of school/kindy, but I sent them all off on Thursday again, and Bubs had his first full day (he only had five hours the first time), and he seemed to really enjoy it, which is good. Master Ten has managed to avoid ALL the bugs, which is good!

photo 2In the past few weeks we’ve been to Hobart for a birthday party, had some lovely play dates and get togethers (except when sick!), M7 did her first cosplay as Amy Pond (start ’em young) and I (almost successfully) made Grandma’s Gingernut Biscuits for the first time (they were YUM, but were flat sliced up squares rather than biscuits!) AND spinach & feta pie – I’ve tried more new recipes in the past four months than I ever have before I think. Amazing what having a nice kitchen will do :) Oh, and did I mention that Bubs now has FOUR teeth (they all sprouted within a week of each other), is commando crawling to complement his rolling, and getting into EVERYTHING. How quickly they grow up…

photo 4What else have we been doing? Procrastinating on all the things I have to get done before the marking starts to roll in (Tuesday). Why do we do this? *sigh* Anyway, house is clean now, so I’ll get a few things done this afternoon and tomorrow. Bubs has reverted to several wakeups at night again, and I’m getting a bit knocked about by that, but still plugging away at various projects. Naturally, despite my best intentions, I have four books all at a similar point of the publication process, which is annoying! Hmm, I need to stop mucking about here and get on with it. Time is fleeting!

photo 5 photo 3

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Growing up

photo (19)I’ve put it off for the last few weeks, but tomorrow I’m finally going to send the baby along to daycare. It’s a bit weird that I’m so reluctant, as the first three were sent off with no hesitation, and they’ve all (generally) loved it. I think that partially it’s the breastfeeding thing – this baby is still feeding several times a day at nine months (tomorrow!) and I know that once he starts at daycare, things will change. And he’s my last, so I know that once he stops feeding, that will be it forever. Which is, I guess, what makes me so reluctant. But I really can’t put it off any longer – I have to get the filing and tax done, the new journal laid out, and a whole bunch of marking will come in soon. I need a day or two a week just for work. So tomorrow is it. I’ll take him in for a few hours, and see how he (we) goes. Given he’s a little social butterfly and absolutely loves being out and about, I have very little doubt he’ll be fine and will have a ball. Me though? We’ll see…

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Whoops, there went April…

Just scrolled back and realised it has been over a month since I did a proper update here. It’s been busy and May has completely caught me unawares so I’ve had to hit the ground running!

Alisa setting up the launch of One Small Step and The Bone Chime Song and Other Stories at Conflux

Alisa setting up the launch of One Small Step and The Bone Chime Song and Other Stories (and Asymmetry from TPP) at Conflux

I seem to have had deadline after deadline, some of them big, some small, but they’ve been piling up like crazy. Over the past month or so I have:

  • had the house settle, and organised a bunch of renovations to happen before we move in (next week!).
  • presented an hour long talk on getting published, thanks to CBCA Tas.
  • attended kids’ school events and chauffeured them about to various things.
  • got sick (just a cold, which luckily never really laid me low, but was annoying).
  • had Mum & Dad visit, with the lovely touring about (mostly to find fishing spots for Grandpop & Master Ten) that entailed.
  • went to Conflux, the spec fic Natcon in Canberra (just for two days, but was great!).
  • launched two books.
  • published more books/stories electronically.
  • had Alisa come to visit for a week (wherein we made lots of plans and progressed some projects).
  • had a husband home for almost the whole time as he was sick.
  • edited and laid out the WASLA journal.
  • proofed some cool projects.
  • marked a bunch of uni assignments (okay, that’s still in progress…)
  • socialised a fair bit.
  • read some books
  • lots more stuff I can’t remember.

And had a fairly unsettled baby throughout – he’s been sleeping shockingly, but touch wood is improving a bit both with longer day sleeps and less night waking. Hopefully next week’s move doesn’t muck him up again.

I’m a lot in love with our new house. Really not looking forward to the packing and moving and unpacking next week, but SO looking forward to being in this house. Husband got the trampoline put up today, and he and the kids have been around there swimming almost every day since it settled, despite the builders/painters etc being there! We have built in the garage to be a fifth bedroom, and it has BUILT IN BOOKSHELVES! Ridiculously excited about this, and the other shelving in the house. We also tiled some living areas, and got a fair bit of painting done. We’ve also got some new screen doors coming, and solar panels (to subsidise the heated indoor pool running costs!), but the house is just fantastic.

Might be a bit slack on the updates for a bit longer, but hopefully in another week or so I can get back into being more present!

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