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Holiday plan fail

We’re supposed to be getting on a plane tomorrow morning. But with the roads to our destination under metres of water in multiple places, particularly at Chinchilla (which is 50 km east of where we are going), we finally made the decision to postpone the trip. Qantas kindly has waived rebooking fees on our flights, so fingers crossed we’ll be able to get there late next week for a bit shorter but still goodly visit. Grandpop is especially disappointed as he hasn’t yet met Bubba, hasn’t seen Miss Five in a year and loves fishing with Master Eight. We’re all sad as we’ve been looking forward to this for months – hopefully rivers will subside and roads will be clear again in a few days. 

Determined to make the most of an extra week at home. Went down early this morning to the Vac Swim and managed to snag the kids places in swimming lessons for the next 8 days, starting midday today. Am going to clean out the shed. And do my edits for After the Rain. And hopefully some more, unexpected catchups with friends! 


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Tehani’s top reads of 2010

This year I read almost 300 books. I haven’t recorded most of the graphic novels or comics this time around (and I know there were quite a few Fables and other stuff as well). 150 of the books were for the WA Premier’s Book Awards judging. About 50 were bought books and about the same number were review copies. The rest were mostly borrowed (and there were a few more judging books for Aurealis Judging). So, in all those books, what were my top picks? Those that scored 4.5 or 5 out of 5 are listed below (in no particular order).

The Time Traveller’s Wife, Audrey Niffenegger – Almost impossible to put down – extremely clever, well-written and a wonderful if sad story.
Batman: Hush, Loeb, Lee, Williams (graphic novel) – This was BRILLIANT – absolutely loved it, read in one sitting – it’s great writing, great art, great colour. Favourite Batman EVA (could have something to do with showings by Huntress, Catwoman and Poison Ivy).

Liar, Justine Larbalestier (actually I read this last year, but again this year for the WAPBA judging)

Pearl Verses the World, Sally Murphy 

Zombies vs Unicorns, Justine Larbalestier & Holly Black (eds) – one of the highest quality anthos I’ve read for ages.

Power and Majesty, Tansy Rayner Roberts – Absolutely adored this. I’ve never read anything by Tansy that I didn’t like. Can’t wait for the next volume!

Soulless, Changless and Blameless, Gail Carriger – Love these!

Because Liar is officially a 2009 read, I can unequivocally say that my favourite book of the year was…

Feed, Mira Grant – totally compelling after only a few chapters. Thought provoking and fascinating, loved the characters and story both! Left me pondering it in between chapters and long after I finished it.

Of course, I loved the books I published this year, and the ones I worked on for Twelfth Planet Press, but I won’t name them in my Top Reads πŸ™‚ In general, I’ve enjoyed most of my reading – had a couple of books I simply couldn’t be bothered finishing, which happens more than it used to because I just have too many to read! Not sure if it’s also a sign of publishers publishing more crappy books though – all the books I did not finish were of the paranormal romance/urban fantasy genre, which is interesting. Am I glutted, or is it that the publishers will publish anything to ride the popular wave? 

I don’t feel I read as much as usual this year, despite the stats to the contrary. New baby, publishing two books, plus social networking and so on has put a drain on my reading time I think. Am aiming higher for next year, particularly I get any of the judging jobs I’ve applied for!!

So, bring on 2011!


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More socialising!

After a peaceful family day on Christmas Day, Boxing Day brought us a lovely afternoon with   and clan,   &  . Much food and drink and fun!   brought her truly excellent vanilla slice (with some customised just for me what doesn’t like passionfruit!) and with the big kids entertaining the little ones, it was a very nice afternoon. Pity about the cricket. And poor A & N had to come back to collect forgotten phone, which led to much overheating of car, but otherwise, all good!

Then today we had visitors from Queensland – a mate of hubby’s from when he worked in a little mine in a little country town, who he’s kept in touch with and who is now married to a girl I briefly went to high school with (although we don’t really know each other). They brought young daughters, so kids were once again entertained, and we had a lovely few hours including swims and a big BBQ. 

Today I also booked tickets in a sleeper berth on the Westlander. It only runs twice a week and happens to work out for us flying into Brissy on Thursday. Chances are better for the train getting through to our destination than a car, so while it means a longer journey, if there are delays with rain over the road, at least we have a bed and access to a loo etc without leaving the train πŸ™‚ Will be an exciting adventure. I spent today looking at people’s updates on Facebook showing roads cut and creeks flooded, so we still might not get there, but we’ll have our best shot. Could be very exciting…

Tomorrow at this stage is looking like hubby taking the kids to see a silly movie, me taking baby to go shopping. Plan! 


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Merry Christmas!

We have husband home for Christmas for the first time in about four years, which is lovely (although because he’s had a week at work after five weeks on holidays and only got home last night, he’s a bit buggered and is already on his second nap of the morning!). Kids stayed in bed til 6ish, and didn’t disturb us until about 6.30, which is about normal. They got to open their "stocking" presents (pillow cases make good stockings) in the bed with us, then weren’t allowed any under the tree pressies til after breakfast. Aren’t I mean? πŸ™‚ It was then time for a swim, and the food started! I made a roast for a late lunch, and if anyone wants food after that, other than cherries, watermelon, chips and chocolates, husband will be cooking it!

We had a lovely long swim (bubs too) and have spent the rest of the day in the aircon. Have done a little reading, had a nap and played lego, blocks, craft and that’s about it! Hope your day was as nice πŸ™‚

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Pre-Christmas socialising

I love the week between school finishing and Christmas. It’s always a social time and this week has been no different. 

Friday – wonderful day with my work mates at our annual Christmas function. Carols, Mass, farewells *sniff* and beautiful lunch with excellent company.

Saturday – unexpected trip northwards to go shopping and then hang out with   – always a win!

Sunday – a few lovely hours with   and   (sans children, most odd!) – good conversation and even a swim!

Monday – a full day with  ,  ,   and  . Eight hours flies by when you’re having fun! A most relaxing, energising and awesome day, followed by 

Tuesday – a spot of shopping. I feel there was more, but I don’t think so!

Wednesday – A trip to Mandurah to visit  , while Miss Five hung out with a kindy friend (and then we did too when picking her up).

Today and tomorrow are currently looking fairly peaceful (which is sort of good, as we’ve lots to do!) but I don’t doubt some visits with kid friends are on the cards! And then it’s Christmas!

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