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Very annoyed

Cost of new i-phone = deferred on contract plan
Time spent fiddling with new i-phone since getting it yesterday morning = six hours
Time spent re-inputting all mobile numbers that didn’t import over = one hour
Annoyance when brand new i-phone suddenly won’t work anymore = fucking immeasurable.

What the FUCK! I just finished inputting all the numbers that didn’t come over, went to send a text, and nothing works. The screen comes on, but it’s like it’s frozen. Can’t slide to open, can’t scroll, can’t even turn the fucker off to restart it and hope for the best because to turn it off, you gotta slide! Argh! Tried taking out SIM, didn’t do anything but lock the phone. Fucked. Fucker. Fuck.

And what’s with the lack of a decent instruction  book? Hell, I know I never read them, but surely a troubleshooting guide wouldn’t hurt? And no reset button!

Someone tell me there’s something really simple I’ve done wrong. Please.


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The accidental techno geek…

My husband needed a new mobile phone handset.

Naturally this resulted in the purchase of a new Apple I-Phone. For me.

*giggles and runs away to play with the I-Phone*

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Season’s Greetings!

All the best for the holiday madness (or relaxness, whatever floats your boat!) to my flisters. Whatever your holidays may be. And for those who don’t celebrate a season now, I hope you get some relaxing and fun time off regardless 🙂

We’ve had a million hours of presents (my brother and his wife and two sons – 4 and 1 – plus me and my two plus Granna and Grandpop, with gifts from rellies interstate and in England makes for a MASSIVE pile of pressies…spoiled rotten the lot of us!) and cake and lollies and choccies and chippies to eat, with Christmas lunch about to go on the table. It’s pleasant 🙂 And HOT (outside). Nice airconditioning, and an enjoyable day thus far. Hope yours is the same!

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I just bought a Sony PRS 505 – a little bit accidentally. I put in an offer on one on eBay. And won. I had just finished chatting with J Strahan about his, and, well, it just kind of happened…




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More on e-book readers

Thank you to those who replied to my earlier post – consensus seems to be that a dedicated reader is the better bet, given volume of reading. So what about these?

Clearly the Iliad is teh awesome, but just a touch more than I’d like to pay! The CyBook and HanLin are WAY up the top end of my price range, but if I knew it was going to be worth it…

Any thoughts?

BTW, the link to these popped up on a google ad on my gmail – Google is so clever…


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