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Hello blog, I miss you

While I do write up over at FableCroft more frequently than here these days, it’s not really at all the same thing, and I miss blogging here! Hopefully we’re getting back on track with our Doctor Who reviews soon, but I’m also going to make a concerted effort to put down more words in general at this place, else otherwise, where’s the proof it all happened? 🙂

Gosh, scrolling back through the last few posts here (and goodness, a long time between drinks there too!) it seems I really haven’t recorded much at all this year! I suppose a full-time job (and family and everything else on top) will do that to you. So, to sum up:

  • Still loving my job – it’s full on, engaging and lots of fun. There are challenges, but I’m enjoying finding ways to overcome them, and there are fantastic opportunities, which I’m loving grabbing hold of. This was a good move.
  • We had a FableCroft book party in Hobart in March, which was fun, and was nice that my parents were there (child-minding for a week!).
  • The CBCA Judges’ Conference in April was interesting – a very passionate group of people and some really hard decisions. As with any other judging panel, but bigger!
  • photo (36)Awards! Delighted to say we won an Aurealis Award for One Small Step in the Best Anthology category at the Aurealis Awards in April, which was awesome – it’s not the first AA something has won, and we’ve been shortlisted a few times, but it’s the first time I got to bring home a pretty trophy! I was also stoked that Jo Anderton won Best Collection for The Bone Chime Song and Other Stories, and she also took out the Australian Shadows Award for the same category! Super cool. And at the Ditmars earlier this month, Tansy, David and I were awarded the William Atheling Jr Award for Criticism and Review for our conversational Doctor Who reviews, and because they both got pretty trophies (designed by the amazing Kathleen Jennings) for wins in other categories (yay!) I got to bring that one home too! Are they not beautiful? 🙂
  • I’ve more projects going on over at FableCroft than I can shake a stick at. Cranky Ladies was fully funded (148%!) in our Pozible campaign in March, and is simmering away with stories starting to trickle in; Insert Title Here is on the bubble, with a table of contents to be announced very shortly (and another special announcement to go with that too!); we launched Jo Anderton’s new novel Guardian at Continuum, and it’s starting to get some reviews around the traps; and there are another couple of things going on that are yet to be announced. SO MUCH GOOD STUFF!
  • I didn’t win NAFF, but I did make it to Continuum over the June long weekend anyway, and had an absolute ball. Only had two days there, but I think it’s possibly the most fun I’ve had at a convention ever! I was certainly on more panels than I’ve ever been on before! Caught up with loads of people, sold some books, learned some things – it was great.
  • Undertook my two CBCA Judge’s talks (one in Launceston, one in Hobart) to small but engaged audiences. Can’t say I’m sad I’m not judging again this year, because I’m still in a bit of “forced reading” fatigue. Hence probably the fact I’m doing a new reread review project of The Elenium and The Tamuli with Alex Pierce and Jo Anderton now – comfort reading for the win!
  • Aurealis Awards will soon open to entries – we’re trying to fix up some behind the scenes problems with the entry form before we go live, but looking forward to another year of finding out about all the great work that’s been published this year.
  • I’ve been gradually getting out and doing a little bit of socialising with friends around Canberra. Had an unexpected movie date with Shauna O’Meara the other day when I took a group of students to watch How to train your dragon 2 (which was fabulous!), so that was lovely, and met up with Rebecca James last weekend and Donna Hanson yesterday. Saw Nicole and a few others a few weeks ago at a Canberra Society of Editors meeting where we talked about our editing processes, and went out to dinner with my library staff last Friday. Still have lots of people I really want to see, but time is against me! I will get there…
  • Probably the biggest thing in the past few months is that the family have made the move to Canberra! With all the time sink and financial expense that goes with an interstate move. We’ve been trying to sell our house since January and FINALLY (having changed agents a couple of months ago) have an unconditional contract on the property. We’re losing a bucketload of money, but at least it’s (hopefully) done now. Holding our breath until it’s finalised though! Of course, that has meant a whole heap of living out of boxes, unpacking boxes, chucking stuff out because why have I bothered to cart it about for so long… All that stuff, but we’re slowly getting there! Just renting now (and for a while, I think) but a pretty good place, even if it can’t hold a candle to our lovely Launceston home 😦 Oh, and we have a nanny now! Because I have no idea how we would manage otherwise. She’s great, a young lady who used to babysit for us in WA, and we’re super lucky to have her. Kids are all settled into schools and doing pretty well, though we still miss our friends in Launceston. And WA, for that matter! Stupid nomadic family… 🙂

Is that it? No, of course not! But it will serve as a catch up for now. I’ll try to do better. Really, I will!


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What have I been doing?

For archival purposes (I AM a librarian after all), here’s a few things I’ve been doing since I stopped blogging over at the old place.

In April there was Swancon. It was busy. I was tired. The lead up to the con and it’s after effects is probably the main reason my blogging went all to hell this year – there wasn’t much room for much else! I think it went fairly well overall, and while I never EVER want to do the madness that was committee/dealer/three kids at the con again (thank goodness for Terri and Shani is all I can say!), I am not saying “never again” like a sensible person 🙂 As usual, it was great to catch up with friends and make new ones. Would love to consider Conflux later this year, so will see where we’re at by then!

We decided to sell up in WA and move to Tassie, where husband has mining interests. This has so far involved lots of cleaning and decluttering of the house as it went on the market – no offers yet, but relatively good interest in a fairly dead market. We’ve started selling furniture and getting rid of some stuff, and will continue to do so until we sell. Won’t be making the move until the sale, so could be here a while yet!

Bub and I took a flying (literally!) trip to Sydney for the Aurealis Awards in May. Mum flew down from Queensland (she went a few days early and spent time with her sisters, which was nice for her) and babysat for me while I went and enjoyed the awards. Was a little surreal to see so many people again only a few weeks after Swancon (was great to catch up with even more who WEREN’T at Swancon), and although it was madness flying over Saturday morning and coming back Sunday (thank goodness for Helen travelling over with me!), I’m really glad I went. Was a great show, and I got to bring back an award (it wasn’t mine, but still fun all the same!). The photo is of author (and emcee for the night) Garth Nix doing the unicorn salute. I wouldn’t take a picture of the much ruder zombie salute 🙂 FableCroft had two nominations (in the YA short story category) but no wins in a TOUGH category – well worth checking out all the shortlists for some good reading! We’ve been lucky enough to make a bunch of shortlists actually, which I’m pretty chuffed about given last year was the first year FableCroft was publishing! We had spots on the Ditmar, Tin Duck and Chronos awards lists as well, which was lovely. Shaun Tan’s gorgeous cover for Australis Imaginarium took the gong for Best Artwork in the Victorian Chronos Awards just last weekend, and I was lucky enough to snag the Tin Duck for Best Fan Writer over Easter, and was part of the Snapshot team which won Best Achievement at the Ditmars! Very cool stuff.

I started judging the CBCA Book of the Year awards, as the WA judge – fortunately, they’re willing to keep me even after we move! The first box arrived a few weeks ago (while I was still finishing WA Premier’s judging, but I coped!) and the second box is due this week. WA Premier’s is all but in the bag, with the judging conference next month. Managing to read a bunch of other stuff in between finishing shortlists and boxes, which is nice!

I also judged the inaugural Rockingham City Council Short Story Competition (thanks to Mr Lee Battersby, who got me in there), although it was a big surprise to get more than 150 entries across three categories! Was a great piece of art for the stimulus and some really good stories. An interesting job!

We’ve all been relatively healthy so far this year, except for poor bub with a major bout of conjunctivitis and a shocking cold. He’s a chirpy little beast though and nothing seems to faze him much. On the other hand, we’ve had BOTH vehicles with big breakdowns – the bus was off the road for nearly three weeks after breaking down on the freeway the day after Swancon, and hubby’s Paj had a meltdown after it’s big Tassie trip. Fortunately both are under warranty and neither cost too much other than inconvenience. RAC was also worth it’s weight in gold thanks to the two tows required by the bus and free car rental for a few days while we were carless!

Hmm, what else. This past week as be the week of professional development. Had two days of it at school (although I only went to one, being part-time), then Friday was training to do the CAL Copyright Survey (should be VERY interesting in a school of over 100 staff!), and Saturday was the WA School Library Conference. I enjoyed this (I like PD, okay!) and it’s always nice to catch up with library colleagues from around the state. Took lots of photos for the journal (oh yes, another thing eating my time is editing the new WA School Library Association journal, just started this year) and had lots of lovely chats. Also enjoyed meeting John Marsden and doing a writing workshop with him (and giving him a copy of Worlds Next Door, which he admired very appropriately!). I went back to work yesterday and immediately used some of his activities and they went really well!

I haven’t been spending nearly as much time with friends as I would have liked in the past month or two – the house has been taking up a lot of time (we’ve had tilers, electricians, cleaners, agents and all that jazz, plus just the general decluttering etc takes TIME!) but had a lovely afternoon with Helen and the kids at the park on Sunday, and hopefully will start spending more time with people now that things seem to be under control. Before I leave. Boo.

Well, I’m sure there’s more that’s happened in the past couple of months, but that’s all that a quick run back of Facebook posts gleans me, so that’ll do 🙂 Hopefully I manage to keep a little more up to date from this point on!


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My day out…

‘Twas busy today. Between 9am and 11.30 we dropped one child at school, got petrol (and witnessed a drive off petrol thief!), went to the library with the smaller child, went to the shops, ate beautiful pancakes, purchased present for another small child whose birthday party our small child is attending (including temper tantrum from Miss Two because SHE didn’t get a present! We’ve already been through this once a couple of months ago, and thought she had the concept, but anyway…), and came home to get ready to go out again!

By 12, small child and I were in the car, heading up to pick up girliejones to go to the WA State Library to enjoy the company of the very splendid ladnews at a small but enthusiastic book club gathering in honour of Sean’s Star Wars book The Force Unleashed. Now, I’m not really a Star Wars fan. I’ve seen the movies, but I’ve not read any books, and really had no intention of doing so. After listening to Sean today, describing the book, the process of writing it, the way it came to be, and experiencing his passion for it, and witnessing his excitement, I know I’ll be reading this one. Plus, y’know, I know I’ll be getting a good story, because it’s SEAN! He rocks.

I have some video (and I didn’t realise there was protocol involved in that, so apologies!) which I will one day edit up and check with Sean that I can post somewhere. And it was very pleasant, as was the too-brief car ride with girliejones to go up and back! And Missy Two was reasonably well behaved, for a wonder. She liked Sean too… 🙂

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Weary week

Well I’m very tired, thanks to 


 and the other great company whom I don’t have LJ tags for! It was a MUCH later night than I anticipated, not just for me but for my dear children who decided that it was quite acceptable to watch Disney Playhouse until after MIDNIGHT if one is quiet and carefully not drawing attention to oneself! I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to doing it again soon, although perhaps not quite so late next time (hmmm. Next time is probably Swancon, so I guess there’s little hope of early nights there!).

The kids were doing a wonderful job of sleeping in this morning until Uncle Rex unexpectedly came banging on the door at 8am to take the boy fishing! From fast asleep to out the door in 3.5 seconds… And they’re still not home yet! 

In other news, I drove up to Perth and back for three days last week for PD – absolutely loved it because I got so much done for school (it was school PD) because I could just sit at the computer with no interruptions. Almost a holiday after the busyness of work! 

Not much else going on I don’t think – went and bought hubby a laptop last weekend (with his money, was just better that I did the buying!) that he’s most chuffed with (as was I, for the very excellent price), which means we also now have a wireless router in the house. 

Hmmm. Other news. Busily ASIM-ing – making adverts, doing special offers, organising to take over New Zealand, picking stories, doing a little layout, that sort of stuff. And now I’m part of Shiny too, and I’ve been part of accepting a story and reading some others this week. And doing a bit of promo for their writing competition too. 

All in all, having some fun 🙂 

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In the week that was.

I had a lovely afternoon today, as I visited kaelajael at her home down the way. Other than a fleeting encounter at Sydney airport nearly three years ago, I haven’t seen kaelajaelsince I MET her in 2002 at Convergence, where she (another founding member) had co-ordinated the Ditmar award winning Andromeda Spaceways official launch. I had not forgotten how lovely she is, but it was wonderful to experience it again in person! Her family is pretty awesome too 🙂

As a fantastic bonus to a terrific visit, she handed over a bunch of ASIM back issues and extra covers, INCLUDING long ago sold out copies of issue 1, 11, 12 and 17 (among others) – #11 and #17 were both a multi award winning issues in various ways, and I know there are some people who came late to the ASIM experience who will be very pleased to finally be able to complete their collections! kaelajael also passed over to me the Ditmar the collective won for the 2002 launch, although I’m sure she should keep it even though she is no longer a member of the collective, because she was the primary organiser of the event. But I suppose she knows I will cherish it, and it now has prime frontage in my big new bookcase!

I was also supposed to see my aunt today, but she bailed on me, postponing til next weekend. Ah, the life of a social butterfly! Because this lovely afternoon today is following YESTERDAY’s lovely afternoon (which I haven’t blogged, tsk) where my old family friend (no, she’s not old, but our mum’s were best friends who met and married (separately) our dad’s who were best friends!) Kristy to lunch with 


in Victoria Park. ‘Twas again a wonderful time, with mutliple conversation threads and even some real work occuring! I look forward to much more time with these gorgeous ladies.

Elsewise? We’ve also been sea kayaking this week, which was excellent – I’ve loved kayaking for YEARS but rarely get the opportunity. We also saw Enchanted, which was delightful. Both kids (and grownups) really enjoyed it. AND I finally bought my new desk (grrr, second one in seven months) and two chests of drawers, so some more of this darn unpacking can occur – ahem, once I get them all assembled. One chest done, one more tonight? Desk definitely tomorrow!


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