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Happy birthday time




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Ditmar Voting Package

This is a special notice for anyone who is eligible to vote for the Ditmars this year (ie: members and supporting members of Convergence 2007 and Swancon 2008). Don’t vote yet!

 and I are pulling together a package of all shortlisted materials, as best that we can manage, including links to online material/websites of nominated works, and full copy of art and story material, which we will then make available to ALL voting members. Lots of people don’t get the opportunity to see a lot of the works on the shortlist, so we’re trying to help make that informed choice a bit easier for folks!

So keep an eye on your inbox in the next few days, as the package will be winging its way out as soon as we can get it all together!

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Ever whinged about the Ditmars?

Now’s your chance to participate in the process of change!


Recent discussions have made it completely obvious that people think that there are many problems with the current Ditmar guidelines.

To promote discussion, I’ve created a googlegroup where interested parties can request membership (membership only denied if you’re an evil spammer) and debate these in a fairly relaxed forum that will hopefully avoid the misunderstandings that can come from public debate.

I would like to state that I’m not intending to use this to force, push or promote any agendas I may have, but to be a fairly neutral host and moderate thoughtful discussion among others who do have definite ideas and opinions on these awards.

I will moderate this where necessary, but my goal is to promote constructive debate. For more info go here:
Russell B Farr

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Weary week

Well I’m very tired, thanks to 


 and the other great company whom I don’t have LJ tags for! It was a MUCH later night than I anticipated, not just for me but for my dear children who decided that it was quite acceptable to watch Disney Playhouse until after MIDNIGHT if one is quiet and carefully not drawing attention to oneself! I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to doing it again soon, although perhaps not quite so late next time (hmmm. Next time is probably Swancon, so I guess there’s little hope of early nights there!).

The kids were doing a wonderful job of sleeping in this morning until Uncle Rex unexpectedly came banging on the door at 8am to take the boy fishing! From fast asleep to out the door in 3.5 seconds… And they’re still not home yet! 

In other news, I drove up to Perth and back for three days last week for PD – absolutely loved it because I got so much done for school (it was school PD) because I could just sit at the computer with no interruptions. Almost a holiday after the busyness of work! 

Not much else going on I don’t think – went and bought hubby a laptop last weekend (with his money, was just better that I did the buying!) that he’s most chuffed with (as was I, for the very excellent price), which means we also now have a wireless router in the house. 

Hmmm. Other news. Busily ASIM-ing – making adverts, doing special offers, organising to take over New Zealand, picking stories, doing a little layout, that sort of stuff. And now I’m part of Shiny too, and I’ve been part of accepting a story and reading some others this week. And doing a bit of promo for their writing competition too. 

All in all, having some fun 🙂 

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LOL cats

This one’s for 


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