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ASIM #37 has arrived!

Landed on my doorstep five minutes ago and it looks beautiful πŸ™‚ Dan Skinner’s cover is stunning and the heft of this fiction packed bumper issues is wonderful!  Proper press release to follow soon…

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One last Paul Haines fundraiser

And it’s a doozy! Very limited release, so you’d better get in real quick! Snurched from girliejones :

The idea behind Scary Food was to produce a slim volume of stories and disgusting recipes featuring food that can only be described as horrific. Imagine a recipe called Zombie au Gratin and you’ll get the idea — though some of the recipes get worse than that and they’re not fiction! Paul Haines’ own stories veer toward the disgusting and so such a book seemed like a fitting project.

Here is the excellent cover designed by Cat Sparks:

The book will be launched and on sale at Conflux this weekend and I will bring the remainder, if there are any, back to Perth to sell at Wastelands II. However, there is a limited print run.

The book will sell for $20 and the entirety of sales will go straight to the Paul Haines’ Fund through the awesome generosity of Cat Sparks. If you would like to prebuy your copy and pick it up in person at either of these cons or you want to buy a copy and bundle it into a purchase of either/and Angel Rising, Canterbury Tales 2100 or Creeping Reptile Flesh, click on the button below.

Purchase options within Australia
Pickup at Con $20.00Bundle into another book purchase $20.00Postage within Australia $21.30


Please email me at girlie dot jones @ gmail dot com if you are overseas and want to purchase this book or if you want to change a purchase that you have already made for books available at Conflux.

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GUFF ballot now open

There are three nominations for GUFF this year and two of them are on my flist! girliejones and mortonhall (and T) are running for GUFF (which takes the winner to Eastercon in the UK in 2009). The third nomination is a two year old whom I don’t know and therefore can’t endorse πŸ™‚ I think she’ll have other opportunities in the future though.

Head over here to make a donation and vote for your preferred candidate, if you’re so inclined! I did. 

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LJ Syndication of Australian Small Press

The very clever callistra has set up an LJ Syndication of Australian Small Press –

Thanks Calli!

Naturally, the feed doesn’t have the sidebars with all the other information for markets, publishers, retailers and so on, so you should still bookmark the site for occasional checking πŸ™‚


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Go the Aussies!

Huge shout out to all the authors and publishers favourably recognised in the new Datlow/Link/Grant Year’s Best (called 2008, covering works published in 2007). I’ve done a comprehensive (I HOPE!) listing of reprints, honorable mentions and Summation mentions over at my new Australian Small Press blog, but wanted to say congrats to battersblog , coode_street , stephcampisi , aliettedb , roberthood_rss , catsparx , ratfan , martinlivings , benpeek , mmerriam and kaaronwarren , LJ folks who made the cut, and also to all the ASIM authors on the HM list, especially Jennifer Fallon, Kate Forsyth and Matthew Chrulew whom I published in issues 27 and 31 last year.

Yay!  But go, check out the full (fingers crossed) list over HERE (and tell me if I’ve missed any!)


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