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Visual catch up, in lieu of actual content…

We’ve had a fairly busy few weeks round these parts. Two kids’ birthdays, school performance, fishing, parties with friends, job applications, lots of work stuff. But here are some photos from the goings on, in lieu of an actual decent catch up post!Β BigBoy BirthdayBoy DevilDan WesselyKids Gwynne2 Gwynne3 MissMuffettandCo MissMuffettandGoldilocksphoto 17 IMG_3326 Screen Shot 2013-11-17 at 8.04.07 AM

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Busy week

It’s amazing how quickly time races when you are busy. This past week or so has been a blur of socialising (mostly kids), house hunting (still no luck) and publishing activities (whose silly idea was it to put two books together at the same time?!). And just like that, another week is gone!

We had extras here for most of the time – Miss MauMau spent Sunday through Friday here with us, while her mum and brothers were away, to give Mr Flinthart a week on his own. The kids had swimming lessons each day, and we tried to do something else in the afternoons to avoid house-boundness. The girls impressed me by having very few niggles, and only one or two very late nights chatting and giggling! We also had husband’s friend Marty Sunday to Wednesday. Husband flew up to see him in Byron Bay the previous Wednesday, and they were supposed to be driving back with machinery. Somehow that didn’t happen, and they both flew back Sunday instead.

IMG_3449On Tuesday, Master Two became Master Three. We went to Treasure Island for a pirate-themed birthday party with his two little mates and some additional big brothers and sisters and friends. The kids all had a great time, and I didn’t have to clean up πŸ™‚

The swimming lessons have been good – week before last we were out at the school pool for a week. The big kids built up some stamina again with lots of lap swimming, and M3 got to do lessons too (although we had a few problems with that – first day I didn’t take my togs and he was feral, even with M10 helping in the water. Thereafter, I went in with him, which was fine, but on the Wednesday, after several warnings, I got him out halfway through the lesson as he just wasn’t listening – no problems for the rest of the week then. Follow through on your threats parents, it works!). This week we’ve been at the swim school near home, which has been great as we’re walking to and from each morning. M3 isn’t swimming, but I’m impressed with their teaching so I’ve booked him in for lessons starting after school goes back. We were lucky to get MauMau in for a class at the same time as the other two, and they all did well.

IMG_2675I should note here that I’ve finally decided to get proactive about the weight I’ve put on over the past several years. There’s no more kids for us, so no excuse not to try to shed some of the “baby” weight (and the lazy weight that’s come with it!). I’ve signed up for 12WBT which is in pre-season mode, and during the warmup period, one of the tasks was to record everything you eat. So I started using the My Fitness Pal app to do this, which is a calorie counter too. And boy, does it wake you up! We now own both digital kitchen and bathroom scales to help record this stuff properly, and it’s amazing how wrong you can be about portion sizes when you aren’t taking any notice. In the past three weeks, just by calorie counting and thus better portion control, I’ve lost five kg. Last week I also increased my exercise thanks to the daily walk to the pool, and when we move, I’m getting a cross-trainer. I don’t expect every five kg to be as easy as the first, but I’m encouraged and keen to keep losing! Thanks Alisa and the other friends who showed how well the 12WBT can work, which helped give me a kick.

I realised just now that for the first time in a while, I haven’t got a holiday To Do list! Well, basically it’s getting these books to print, packing the house and moving. Just need to get a house now…

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Um, where did that fortnight go?

That’s a bit of a rhetorical question I guess; I know where the past fortnight went. Down the rabbit hole of newborn baby/surgery recovery/being a mum in the lead up to Christmas! I was feeling pretty ordinary for a couple of weeks, but with a bit of help from daycare for the toddler, and my lovely family & friends, by the beginning of week three I was starting to perk up. This past week I’ve felt great, am coping well with the lack of sleep and starting to get a few things done that aren’t just taking care of baby/kids and trying to keep up with washing & tidying! Getting a little computer time, a little reading time, and a little socialising time too!

IMG_3127Started out last week by visiting my ex-work here to introduce the baby – Master Two was also popular, as he’d not been there either! Very pleasant, and both toddler and bub behaved beautifully.

Had Katrina visit Tuesday morning, and on Wednesday, Jo & I took the boys to the YMCA playgroup, which was really good – lots of programs there that we’re interested in, so will probably spend a bit of time there next year.

Spent the morning in the city centre on Thursday, but bub wasn’t impressed with a shopping morning – managed to achieve most of my goals anyway, which was good.

Susan & Nate came round Friday to tell us about their NZ trip, though for some reason the boys weren’t as good st playing together as they usually are.

Saturday, husband took the big kids to cricket in the morning (and did some sneaky birthday shopping on the way home!), then we all walked down to the swim school at midday for levelling assessment. And in amongst that week, we had lots of other visits too!

Bubbles10Yesterday was my 37th birthday, and along with lots of very kind good wishes via friends online, I was lucky enough to celebrate with old and new Tassie friends in real life! Tansy, Finchy & the girls came up from Hobart for the day (SO appreciate that effort, and the cakes!), the Flinthart clan (unfortunately sans Natalie) came in from Scottsdale, as usual bearing food, and cricket gear! Newer friends Susan, Paul & little Nate and Jo and John with Sophie & James joined us too, and we had a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon in the park, on a gorgeous Tassie summer day! Despite a cake mishap which saw a four year old charge straight through a platter of newly frosted cupcakes, and a few cricket related injuries (the worst being Mr Flinthart attacking a tree with his face – I think the tree came out of the encounter the winner!), it was a simply delightful day, and I’m so thankful for the company to celebrate with. Baby was AWESOME, sleeping almost the entire time except for two very mini feeds! A great day.


And another enjoyable one yesterday – Susan & I drove out to Scottsdale to one of the last open Chickenfeed (cheap shop!) stores in Tassie to do a littleChristmas trinket shopping. We also raided Woolies, then called in on the injured Mr Flinthart, who promptly whipped up some exotic soup to charm Susan!

This morning I caved to three weeks of begging and took the baby in to the kids’ school. Miss Seven’s show & tell theme this week was “something precious” so I guess that was a no brainer πŸ™‚ Teachers & kids were all appropriately impressed with bub, and Master Two enjoyed the visit as well – he quite liked hanging out in the Year 1 class doing drawings!

So in all, now I’m starting to feel normal again, we’re enjoying our end of year silly season lead up! Looking forward to the next few weeks (and I gotta say, glad NOT to be moving!) of the holiday season.


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Oh, hello blog

Husband received a phone call way too early this morning which woke us all up. Result? Overtired and very cranky household (especially mummy) on a public holiday. *sigh* Anyway, got up and started tidying up – have spent the past couple of days focussing on academic marking, and the few days before that on visitors, parties and slushing for One Small Step, so while the house wasn’t horrible, it does need a good talking to.

We had Miss Seven’s birthday and party on the weekend. I went for the easy route of a McDonald’s party (there’s one a five minute walk up the street) which was wonderful – I figured at 35 weeks pregnant, I didn’t need the hassle of organising anything more challenging! 10 little girls and a few parents, a lovely big party room and not one but TWO party hosts made for a fairly pleasant couple of hours (very cranky two year old perhaps the only blot, but his father dealt with him so that was nice!). Lots of photos on my Facebook page, if anyone is interested. We had Tansy, Finchy and the girls on the Saturday night before the party, which was also lovely – not good in that of course Tansy and I get all the creative juices flowing which means more work later on, but that is to be expected! I did manage to work my way through most of our bags/boxes of kids’ clothes in the quest to sort them out – a little scary when I realised exactly how MANY baby things we actually have! But gave Tansy four bags for Jem, sorted another bag for my niece and one for MauMau Flinthart, as well as finding next size up for M2 and about a million things for baby. Getting organised, slowly.

I’m a bit nervous that this baby is going to buck the trend and be the one that comes early. I was very pleased when husband took time off this month so he would be home, because getting him here from WA if things did happen would have been unlikely! I have work right up until the end of the month, and am working on a few FableCroft projects as well, plus the usual socialising and trying to get things organised for baby, so I can’t afford for this one to be early! Which is, naturally, why it would πŸ™‚ Fingers (and legs) crossed for planned arrival!

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Christmas Eve, and scary deadlines are approaching!

We’ve had a marvellous couple of days. It was my husband’s 40th birthday on Thursday, but he wasn’t home. However, as a surprise for him I’d invited his closest friend/surrogate dad and family over to celebrate with us and they came, arriving early hours of Thursday morning. We didn’t end up catching up with them until 1pm because I got sidetracked at Alisa’s and with some last minute Christmas shopping after swimming lessons (thinking they would be sleeping off their travels – they weren’t, entirely, but it worked out okay!). I picked them up at their holiday house and took them to a lovely restaurant on the foreshore for lunch (where we toasted absent husband for his birthday), which killed a couple of hours, then back to our place for swim and toast for dinner, with Master Nine going back with them to sleepover!

Friday was our last Vac Swim day (to my enormous surprise, Miss Six passed stage 5, after only the week’s lessons! Master Nine passed stage 6 as well, but he’s had more practise!), and we had our friends’ boy with us. Came home and got presentable, then went and dragged things out of the shed to take to the charity bins – a bit silly to do AFTER showered and dressed! But that meant once our friends came over, I could dash out and do all the last minute things I needed to do, which included a meander around the madhouse shopping centre, SANS CHILDREN!! Got home just after my cousin called in, so had a chat with her, and once she left, we all piled in the car to go pick up husband from the plane. He was very surprised, and very pleased, to see our visitors.

Today I had booked us on the Fremantle to Perth Swan River Lunch Cruise for husband’s birthday, which was very nice, but we were all (particularly the kids) getting pretty weary by late afternoon. Mutual decision to all have an early night (well, except me, but that’s normal) in the hopes that Christmas Day will be full of cheer, not tears! Fingers crossed. We’re having pressies here in the morning, then heading for the hills to have Christmas lunch with my rellies – and then I really MUST do some more packing! Eep *deadlines loom*

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