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Yay for grandparents!

Calloo callay! My mum and dad are flying over for Easter. This means I no longer need to worry about the kids for Swancon! 

I know that sounds terrible, but it’s actually great! Mum had been thinking about coming for, literally, a flying visit of about five days, JUST so she could look after the kids! Then she realised she could do a round trip over eight days – much better. NOW my dad says he will come too! THEN when we were looking at flights this evening, and we thought we’d found the perfect one on QANTAS to get here from Brissy, the damn thing went up $60.00 between one look and the next! So, THEN she said, well they could probably come for the WHOLE WEEK! 

So NOW it looks like they will fly in late Saturday night (the weekend before Easter), and stay until the Tuesday night after Easter. Much much better, cos it means I’ll see lots of them, the kids will think it’s AWESOME, and they’ll have a bit more time to catch up with other rellies too.



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Kids have some sort of sense that enables them to know precisely when you need a good night’s sleep (ie: before starting the year at work), and causing that to not happen. Big time.

Miss Two woke us up vomiting (in OUR bed!) at 1.15am. Then again at 2.15am. Master 5 got up then as well hot and “scratchy”. When small children are vomiting in my bed, I tend not to sleep for fear it’s going to happen again without me noticing.

I went to sleep after 11. I was woken at 1.15am. I dozed off again, eventually around 5am. My alarm was set for 6am.

You do the math.

On the plus side, I think it was something she ate, not a bug, and she is still asleep now. Fingers crossed she’s fine.

Now I’m off to get ready for work. Exhausted at the start – always fun.


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Final day of holidays

Well it’s almost over. Tomorrow I start (properly) my new job as Teacher Librarian (or maybe Learning Centre Manager, or some other title we’ve yet to decide on!) at Kolbe Catholic College in Rockingham. I am really looking forward to it, but at the same time it has been absolutely delightful having this extended holiday. Yes, even with the move and all! Spending so much time with the kids has been awesome (although most likely they’ve had their moments of wishing they were back at “kindy”!) and I’ve done things like WRITE and SUBMIT and get somewhat ORGANISED! Not totally though.

Things I loved:
* Catching up with so many friends and family here in WA – it’ll be a lot harder once I’m back at work, but it is a priority.
* Finally getting over 700 digital photos printed – okay, so I only managed to get to that today, but it’s been over 18months since I last did it!
* Having a tidy house – this seems like such a small thing, but it literally took me two months to get fairly organised. There’s still more to be done (toys and books are the main offenders) but the spare bedroom is habitable, I can see the floor in the kids rooms, and the washing and ironing has been up to date. Having lots of visitors really helps, because I like to be tidy when people come! Now that I’m back to work? We’re getting a cleaner!
* Regularly getting down to the beach or the park – not so easy when it’s 5pm before we get home, and we’re all buggered. But we’ll still make an effort.
* Writing – I haven’t written fiction in years. In the past month I’ve written and submitted two stories. I’ve also written a bunch of reviews and have been busy with different small press stuff too. Creativity rocks!

Things I’m looking forward to:
* Going to the gym – I’m going to take full advantage of the price I pay for childcare and go to the gym after work a few days a week.
* My new role – I really am! It’s going to be exciting and challenging and interesting. I have no doubt it will also be frustrating and irritating at times, but hey, you get that!
* Studying – I’m seriously thinking I’ll do another subject of the Grad Dip I started last year. But only in first semester, as I know things are always more challenging in second!
* Swancon
* Seeing more of friends. Regularly.
* Mum and Dad visiting. And all the other East Coasters visiting! We have a booking sheet…!

Things I’m NOT looking forward to:
* Fitting everything in!
* Paying for childcare.
* Not being able to see as much of people as I would like.
* Trying to finish unpacking/sorting – it’s never fun.

So, now I’m off to fold and iron the clothes, pack my bag, and get myself to bed at a respectable hour to be ready for work tomorrow!


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Our little Aurealis Awards Party

At which we had good fun (although possibly not quite as much fun as at the Awards themselves – check out 

 if you want to see what I mean! Congratulations Cat!) now has photos:

 The girls (who will LOVE this being posted!)




 Some of the kids at the party – they were all exceptionally good at the party!

 Party shot

 The Battersbys (I love this pic!)


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West Coast Aurealis Party

Well, given that we all slept in til after 8am, yup, it was fun! First, congratulations to all the winners of the Aurealis Awards, and to the Honourable Mentions also (including ASIM’s very own 

with an HM for his story Truckers from issue 30) For all the AA results, head over to the website – the judges reports are also a good read.

We got our party started at about 5pm – the lovely Battersbys turned up with many children in tow, followed soon after by 



– not long after 

and family turned up (more kids!), with Helen and family and fred_mouse a bit later. Much food, some wine and fantastic conversation ensued. The last of the partygoers left around 11pm. 

Thanks so much to all the guests – we had a lovely night and hope you did too!

Photos will follow (even some of me thanks to battblush!) but I have to do some editing first 🙂

Again, congrats to the AA winners, shortlisted works and HM – I thoroughly enjoyed my time as a judge/convenor and a great party to top it off was awesome. Would still like to attend the actual awards though, so maybe next year!

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