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Squeeing over Supergirl: Livewire, S01E05

David McDonald and Tehani Wessely have been squeeing about the new Supergirl television show for months, so they decided to take time each week to discuss the new episodes as they air. They may occasionally rope in their friends to get excited too.


Supergirl – Episode 5 (4?), “Livewire”

TEHANI: Well, I’m just going to say it: this episode had my least favourite dialogue of the season so far. Some of it was downright clunky, and a lot of it was disjointed and awfully juvenile. I mean really, would Supergirl say … “You MEAN girl!” in the middle of a battle? It was just a bit naff, and I kind of expect better. And the “coming out” innuendos were cute, but just a touch overdone.

DAVID: I really didn’t know how take those, as nice to see that TV has moved to a point where those references are just part of everyday reference rather than being used as insults, or whether it is appropriating the real experiences of people and using it in a way that cheapens it. I don’t think I am qualified to make that call, but I would be interested to hear from people for whom it has a personal meaning.

TEHANI: I also had some concerns about the mother/daughter dynamics portrayed here. I mean, Kara doesn’t even call Eliza “Mum” (or Mom, whatever…), but Eliza does and apparently consistently has put Kara above Alex. And the kind of non-resolution at the end was very wishy washy. I get what they were aiming for, but it fell a bit flat.

Supergirl-Recap-An-UncomforDAVID: I thought that was really weird, and actually kind of toxic! When Winn calls Eliza Kara’s mom, and Kara very clearly and very firmly corrects him with “foster-mom” I saw that as a bit of a warning sign that the relationship had a weird dynamic—even if Kara doesn’t call her mom, you would think in that context she wouldn’t have been so quick to correct it.

I am also not sure that one Thanksgiving mother/daughter chat is going to make up for decades of psychological trauma on Alex’s behalf. Those sort of things just don’t go away, and it isn’t as if she is all of a sudden not going feel undervalued or under extreme pressure from her mother’s expectations.

Eliza just didn’t come across as a very nice person, or a particularly good mother. I know that’s harsh, but we only go by what we see. Now, that’s an interesting story choice, because the Kents are held up as the gold standard of parenting (and even their relationship with Supergirl is traditionally much better than the one with Eliza shown here). It’s fascinating to see a Supergirl whose family life is a bit more…dysfunctional.

TEHANI: It will definitely be interesting to see if we get more of this. I’m going to make a prediction here – I reckon Alex’s dad, Jeremiah Danvers, isn’t really dead…

I was completely unsurprised to discover (thank you Wikipedia) that this episode was originally slated to air as episode five, with another episode (“How Does She Do It” – scheduled now for next week) supposed to run prior. The sudden jump in James and Lucy’s relationship didn’t make sense, and Cat Grant has mellowed somewhat, rather abruptly it seemed. Sort of feels like something else has gone down with Winn and Kara too. A couple of times while watching I wondered if I’d missed something!

SGS1E5 JamesDAVID: I’d already heard that they had changed it but, yes, there are some bits that seemed to have jumped well ahead. I’ll be interested to see the one that was meant to show.

The James and Lucy thing is a bit odd, too, he is so obviously into Kara that I feel bad for Lucy.

TEHANI: I think we really missed something in the network switching the air dates – hopefully that will be a bit clearer after this next week.

Despite my reservations about the dialogue, there was a lot I liked about the episode. I think it started really strongly, and I continue to adore the relationship between Kara and Alex. It was also lovely to see Helen Slater and Dean Cain getting airtime, although I really hope we don’t fall into the flashback trap that can become a bit tedious in Arrow. And this is a show about Supergirl, so keeping the focus on her is important.

SGS1E5 Kara-AlexDAVID: That’s very true, but the twist with the history with Henshaw has made things very interesting, and made the flashbacks worthwhile all by itself. I can’t wait to see where that goes, because it has major ramifications not just for Kara, but for Alex.

TEHANI: I particularly liked Cat Grant’s shot at Leslie Willis regarding attacking Supergirl about her body and that sort of thing. It was a bit undermined by the idea that Cat was only defending Supergirl because she was trying to build a relationship with her to exploit, but I think that’s a bit of a front. It certainly follows on from other points like this that have been made previously, and is echoed when Cat decided not to publish awful photos of young celebrities the day after Thanksgiving.

SGS1E5 Cat-LeslieDAVID: I think it is good that Cat made a stand on that sort of toxic commentary, but it is weakened by the fact she didn’t do it until it was affecting her plans for Supergirl and her magazine. I am sure that Leslie did the same to other celebrities, so why was Cat only reining her in now. Leslie was quite justified in calling her on her double standards.

But, maybe the photo thing did show that she has had an epiphany?

TEHANI: I wonder if the next episode (which should have come before this) will mean we see this differently? Perhaps there was another lead up event. We’ll have to see!

Look, I know that Marvel and DC riff (rip?) off each other a lot, but seriously, Livewire? Last week a cut-rate Iron Man, this week, a genderbent Electro, for goodness sake!

SGS1 LivewireDAVID: In fairness, Livewire is a very established DC character (who is also a very fun character), so I am not sure who was first. However, I had never heard of Reactron before and, given Iron Man’s current profile, I think they made a mistake there by not distinguishing the two enough. But, I doubt too many people would be comparing Livewire and Electro in the same way.

TEHANI: Oh, I googled it and Electro was first by a good three decades. AND he was in the relatively recent Amazing Spider-Man movie!

I’m going to put this out there – I think Cat Grant knows Kara is Supergirl…

DAVID: I wouldn’t be surprised if she does. Maybe she has a plan for that knowledge?

TEHANI: Look forward to finding out!

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Recent viewing

In the past few months (hmm, post-Swancon?) I’ve been watching an AWFUL lot of tv, but only on the computer. iTunes has become my bestest friend and I had to get a memory upgrade for the laptop because I’d bought so many shows! I glommed Doctor Who (and am now rewatching with Tansy and David – sorry guys, I’ve let the side down but I PROMISE I’ll be back on top in the next day or so!) and dabbled with Fringe, Being Human and Chuck (all of which I plan to continue with) before downing Misfits and now Haven. I watched Haven last night and was HORRIFIED when Alisa noted that it was the season finale! Noooooo! So. Long. To. Wait. Ah well, at least I have Doctor Who. But today is the last episode! Noooooo!

Heh. Luckily I do have quite a lot of Fringe and Chuck and Being Human, there’s new Sherlock coming soon, and if I’m really stuck, Torchwood beckons. I don’t know why I’ve gotten so stuck into some of these shows, but I’ve really been enjoying it. Possibly not the best time to be mainlining a stack of shows, what with the millions of books I have to read (ahem, and submissions), so eventually I guess I’ll have to slow down, but until that point, I’m hooked!

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An interesting week

See my iTunes?:)

Although one that’s been a bit sleep deprived. I’ve noticed that if I start watching too much tv (or more specifically, tv on my computer – not sure it makes a difference but it’s when I notice it), I stop sleeping well. As in, takes ages to fall asleep, wake up numerous times and permanently much earlier than normal. Last time it happened I was mainlining True Blood. This time it’s Doctor Who. Yep, thanks to the ever increasing pressure from Tansy (not true, she just makes me WANT to watch things. And read things. And listen to things – stop it!), I finally succumbed to New Who. Well, that’s not entirely true either. The final impetus came from the fact that Neil Gaiman wrote an episode. And I couldn’t just watch THAT episode, could I? And even THAT isn’t completely the entire picture, because if I hadn’t come home from the Sydney Aurealis Awards on a lovely new plane that let me watch my own private tv (which happened to have a bunch of S5 DW episodes), it might never have happened! So, a lovely confluence of events led to my overdosing to New Who. I started with S5 with Matt Smith as my doctor, and caught up to the middle of S6 (the second half of the season starts in seven days!), then went back to S1. And now I’m almost done! I finished S4 yesterday (and fine, I also like David Tennant, happy?) and two of the specials, which means I’ve only got three episodes left! Happily, S6 starts up again in a week, and of course, there’s then all these lovely episodes on my computer should I feel the need to revisit. And about a million episodes of Classic Who, should I REALLY get it bad! But really, it’ll be good when I’m done because I CAN’T DO ANYTHING ELSE! Am addicted. Plus, not sleeping. TV is bad for you.

So that’s most of what I’ve been doing this week really!:) I managed a bit of slush reading one night, which was nice because the submissions have ramped up a bit this week. Still over a month til the end of the reading period and I’m over 60 subs and counting. A couple of outright acceptances, a few held stories, a LOT of rejections. Vast majority of the subs so far from international (particularly US) authors. And overwhelmingly dominated by male authors at this stage. Will be interesting to do the stats at the end of this one.

Got a fair bit done at work this week – we had our new praccie come in to meet us (she seems nice – we have her for the last two weeks of term), figured out some solutions to library management system problems that have been plaguing us since we implemented the software, got some actual teaching done, and finished researching the assignment I have to do for accreditation. Still have to write it, but have the research! Wanted to start work on an informative newsletter for staff yesterday but got called to childcare for a sick Miss Five. She’s got high temps and a sore throat and head – was her turn apparently!

Hopefully we’re off to my cousin’s for lunch today (pending doctor visit) – haven’t seen them in AGES so really looking forward to it. Best go get ready now!

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Wake up IMDB

This is what the cast list of the IMDB page for "Castle" looks like:



What’s wrong with this picture? Hmmm, what’s the show about? A mystery writer (Rick Castle played by Nathan Fillion, top billing) who follows a detective around, basing his new book character on her. That’s Kate Beckett (played by Stana Katic). She shares what I reckon would be pretty much equal screen time with Fillion, maybe a bit less, as Fillion has a fair bit of time on screen with his family, mother Martha and daughter Alexis. But pretty much equal. In the credits, Katic is second billed. So why, on the IMDB page, does Katic come in fourth in the cast listing? Behind her two sidekick detectives, who do both get reasonable screen time, but certainly aren’t the focus of the show as Beckett and Castle are. 

Is there a legitimate reason for this cast order? Not alphabetised, so, why does the female lead come in behind two lesser characters?


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Good baby is good!

Baby slept from 6.30pm to 5am, had a quick feed, then slept til 8.30! Yay! Unfortunately, because of stupid AFL on Ch 7 last night, Bones and Castle didn’t finish until midnight, and I didn’t go to sleep until at least 12.30. Ah well, at least I got more sleep than I would have if he’d kept his previously usual hours!

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