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Pregnancy update

We found out a couple of weeks ago that our private health cover doesn’t include obstetrics. I’m certain it did when we took out the cover, but it doesn’t now. This means that our pregnancy plan had a rather dramatic reshuffle, which was very frustrating. Had my final appointment with the lovely obstetrician yesterday, and bumped in to the general hospital under “shared care” today. The staff at the hospital also seem lovely, which is reassuring (not that I actually doubted it – we’ve had great public hospital care in the past, but it’s a new place, so you know…). I’ve also made an appointment with a new GP (one who was recommended by a doctor friend of ours). Could have chosen to just go with the hospital clinic, but we need a family GP anyway, so it’s a good way to get to know one, particularly as we’ve already had a bad experience here, and have had a hard time actually getting accepted as a patient (half a dozen places we first tried weren’t taking new patients).

Everything is going well though, proceeding apparently as normal, which is nice. I have a glucose blood test in a couple of weeks, then just regularly scheduled appointments between GP & hospital I guess until early November, when it will, it seems, be baby time! Gracious, time goes quickly.

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Being a better mummy

Heh, well, I feel like I’m finally getting to closer to the mum I want to be, rather than the mum I HAVE been in the past six months. While I’m still surgically attached to the internet (it feels like), I have managed, in the past three days, to:

  • take youngest swimming (and meet a new friend)
  • take 9 year old to soccer, and actually watch (most of) it
  • spend some one to one time with Miss Six, including brushing of hair (which we used to always do together, but she’s so self-sufficient now that it’s a treat!)
  • take children + friends to a play place for three hours of energetic fun
  • have friends for playdate for the afternoon
  • feed and clothe children appropriately (including finishing washing, folding and putting away!)
  • tidy house (vacuuming and things away)
  • filing twelve months of paperwork (well, it’s sorted at least, if not actually filed).

I didn’t get to the grocery store, but I did a shop online tonight to pick up on the way home tomorrow. Could not face going out at 5.30 this afternoon when the last visiting friend got collected.

Much of this sounds like regular everyday stuff, and it IS stuff we’ve been doing during the past several months, but this weekend it didn’t feel annoying to do, I didn’t resent doing it because I had so much else to do at home – it felt right and I was happy to be hanging out with my kids. I like that feeling. It’s nice to have it back.

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More days off!

I’ve done my one day at work this week (two days off as school was closed for mid-year break, plus new regular part-time days added up to that!) and now have three delicious days off again. Decided to start out a bit more energetically than usual, and after we dropped the big kids at school, Master Two and I headed to the aquatic centre. First time the two of us have just hung out doing something all year I reckon! We were practically the only ones there to start with, which was very pleasant, but things gradually got a little busier. And then we met people! A very pleasant woman with her four year old, who have just moved here from South Australia (just as in, this week!). We had a lovely chat while the boys played, and then ended up having a cuppa together. Exchanged numbers even! It might sound a bit silly to be excited about this, but actually, it’s pretty hard to meet new friends, so it’s quite cool.

Am now working on house tidying, washing and starting the mountains of filing to work on the tax, while M2 naps. And then it will be time to collect big kids! Have soccer tomorrow (hope the weather is as nice as it is today), and have organised on Sunday to take a few kids to Treasure Island for the morning – see, already I’m being a better mummy now that I’m part-time! Just wait 🙂

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Doctor Who in Conversation – Podcast!

While our New Who in Conversation series is still quietly chugging along, Tansy and David are trying to convince me that I need more Classic Who in my life. To that end, we took a slightly different approach and decided to podcast our thoughts on the Third Doctor debut episodes, “Spearhead in Space”. Tansy made the recommendation for a number of reasons, not least for the fact that it was the first appearance of companion Liz Shaw (played by Caroline John, who died recently).

It was a lot of fun to do, it’s David’s first time podcasting (he did a great job!), and I think it will become a (semi) regular feature! You can listen from the Podbean site, or download in iTunes (search The Book Nut or “Doctor Who in Conversation”). Enjoy!

ETA: Very remiss of me not to thank The Silent Producer, Andrew Finch, for tech wrangling us! Thanks Finchy!

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Okay, where did that six day break go?

Thanks to my new part-time roster, combined with mid-year break/boarders’ weekend, I’ve had a six day break. It’s been very pleasant, but you know how when you’ve got more time than usual, you don’t ever get as much done? Yeah. Instead of just hooking in and doing things, I’ve been very leisurely about it. Case in point, the washing. Still not done after six days off (and a couple of days off before that too, really, thanks to sick daughter). Partly done a few times, but never completely – silly really, as I’ve had loads of time! I crammed three movies in at the cinema (finished up with Ice Age 4 yesterday – it was fine. I enjoyed Denis Leary and Peter Dinklage mostly. And pirates!). Kids had some play dates with their mates. I read a bit. Organised some paperwork (but in no way actually started the filing, despite the fact I could have all the tax at the accountant now). Hmmm. Booked a bunch of travel arrangements for self/kids/husband. Read some slush for One Small Step. Not sure what else really! Always hate that feeling like I haven’t actually achieved anything, particularly when it’s “bonus” time!

We were going to visit Tansy and the family, which would have been great, but in the end I slacked out, after husband changed his plans about ten times – all too hard! Hopefully we still get to catch up with them soon.

I did have a scan (repeat morph) on Monday – Miss Six was happy because she got to come this time. All looks well. But other than than, some shopping and the movies, mostly I’ve been hanging out on the internet. Oops. Ah well, have one day at work this week (tomorrow) then three more days off – can’t really complain, and hopefully, once my darling husband goes back to his other work, I’ll get more done. Those frequent cups of tea breaks really hack into your day!

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