Appearing in the news today!

An article I contributed to was published today! Titled “Frontier women”, the feature looked at the phenomenon of women writing speculative fiction in Australia. The fact we have such a vibrant field of women writing spec fic in Australia bucks the trend of the international market, where SF, Fantasy and Horror are dominated by male writers. Here in Australia in the past 10-15 years, there’s been clear upswing in the number of women being published in the genre, across all areas of spec fic, and the article looks at this, featuring many of our great Aussie authors as it does so.

”There has definitely been an upswing in the number of women being published and awarded in the science-fiction field in Australia, while the trend of women authors giving strong showings in the fantasy-novel arena continues,” says a judge of the Aurealis Awards for speculative fiction, Tehani Wessely. This year three of the five shortlisted nominees for the Aurealis Awards for science-fiction writing, including its winner, Kim Westwood for The Courier’s New Bicycle, were women.
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It’s worth a read! Unfortunately doesn’t seem to actually BE published in The Age itself, but did apparently appear in the Spectrum insert of the Sydney Morning Herald. Thanks to Linda Morris, who saw an interesting angle in this and wrote the story!


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