So, can anyone explain Lost (the TV show) to me – use small words eh?


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7 responses to “Lost

  1. Anonymous

    and then can you explain it to me, using even smaller words?

  2. Anonymous

    No. But while Season 2 was thoroughly dull and annoying for the most part, I have to admit I am hooked again now we’re on Season 3.
    However, I think the chance of it all beign cogently and logically explained is every so very tinily small indeed.
    Basically, there’s some stuff, and a thing.

  3. Anonymous

    “How can you drag out a 90 minute narrative to 86 hours?”

  4. Anonymous

    No, because SkyOne took it away from E4 after Season One and so I haven’t seen any of Seasons Two or Three, nor am I likely to, but I’m not mad. Oh no. Not mad.

  5. Anonymous

    Well, there’s this island, and there’s this other island, and there’s these people who can’t get off the island, and there’s these other people who think they can get off the island but can’t.
    And everyone on the island knows each other but they don’t know that they know each other.
    And there’s a mysterious monster that escaped from Stargate: Atlantis (ep1.3)
    See. Simple.

  6. Anonymous

    Twin Peaks on acid.

  7. Anonymous

    Plane crash on Island. Dull.

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