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Swancon is over.

i helped run a convention. It was by turns fun, educational, inspirational and damn hard. It’s now over, and more of my time is again my own(ish). I still don’t think I’m fully over it though – not the event so much as the leadup and the hard work throughout the weekend! I’ve blogged a (very) little about it over at FableCroft and am rounding up a whole heap of everyone else’s Swancon posts there too, just for fun :)

The only thing I’d like to add is to say to  ,   and  , you rock. Robin, Stefan, Jay and everyone else who helped along the way, or during the weekend (looking at you Doug, Linda, the Turner twins and too many others to name!), we couldn’t have done it without you either! And thanks also to Ellen, Justina, Sean and Sarah, for being the nicest, bestest guests any con comm could ask for.

I don’t ever want to do it again, but I’m glad I got to be part of it.


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Swancon Guest of Honour luncheon

Don’t miss out on the Guest of Honour luncheon at Swancon! Tickets must be booked by 5pm today. Details here: 

And check out the last minute update post on all the interesting bits and pieces you need to know about the weekend ahead!

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Swancon 2010 Photos

Helen Merrick signing my new copy of her Hugo-nominated book, The Secret Feminist Cabal!

Liz and Russell with their new books!

Satima, Carol and Helen enjoying the con :)


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Swancon 2010

So I ended up spending two full days at Swancon, despite only intending to attend on Sunday, for the 2011 launch and Tin Ducks on Sunday. The babysitter arrived about 9, and I ran her through the baby deal again (his first extended time without Mummy – he coped fine!). I then picked   up at the train station and after a short detour to pick up some champers for the launch, we headed to the con. First on the agenda was a committee discussion and launch run through. Then I had a look around with T, but it was a bit quiet, so we badgered   and   into going to lunch with us at the local Indian restaurant, where we later found Narrelle Harris about to eat alone so invited her to join us. It was very pleasant indeed.

After that, A & C went off to Borders for some reason, so T and I sat on the TPP table, selling and socialising for a couple of hours (and assisted   with a last minute awards presentation!) until suddenly it was launch time!   and I (with some specialist help) got the computer and audio set up while the rest of the committee wrangled rooms (again with specialist help – thanks Team 35!) and then plied the waiting crowd with coloured bubbly while we finished set up! I think the launch went pretty well, and it was a lot of fun to be the one who got to tell the big crowd all the cool stuff that’s planned for Swancon36/Natcon50 at Easter next year! (It’s at the Hyatt! Guests are Ellen Datlow, Justina Robson, Sean Williams and fan guest Sarah Xu!).

After the launch I helped out with the earlybird registrations, doing the EFTPOS regos during the first rush. I then buggered off to the bar for a couple of quick drinks and socialising before it was Tin Ducks time. I got to present an award (Best WA Professional Artwork, won by our very own   for her design of the Siren Beat cover!), collect one with the rest of the New Ceres Nights ladies (Best WA Fan Production for our launch of New Ceres Nights at Swancon last year, with Liz’s gorgeous costumes, and cupcakes!), and watch a NCN story collect Best Short (congrats Stephen Dedman!) and   take out Best WA Professional Production for A Book of Endings!! Was fun :)

T & I left about 10.30, after I’d decided I would definitely come back the next day and arranged for T’s daughter to come with me to do some child wrangling. That meant a bit more prep before bed, then an early start in order to get up there in time for the WASFF AGM (4.5 hours!). Mostly a social day after that, showing off the bub and chatting. Didn’t do much, but I’m glad I went up for the second day :)

Oh! Not only did we have Tin Ducks this weekend, but the Hugo shortlists were released with four Aussies on them (yay Jonathan, Helen, Shaun & Lezli!) AND the Australian Shadows Awards were announced (all female winners! Congrats Deborah B, Kaaron & the Grants Pass editors!). Busy weekend in Oz SF :)

Now weary and about to go to bed!

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Week 10

Very quiet Good Friday for us – I figured that since we’d be out for the next two days, we should have a peaceful day to rest up. I had tried to organise a playdate with some friends but most everyone else was going away, so that didn’t work out, but we did get a bit of rest which was good.

Bub has been sleeping between eight and nine hours the past couple of nights, which has been great. He’s been a bit grumpy during the day though, and I’m wondering if he’s having a growth spurt as he’s feeding a lot.

Had a couple of afternoons out this week, taking the kids shopping and for haircuts on Wednesday (Miss Four now has a fringe for the first time – it quite suits her!), and then I took the boys with me to my work for end of term drinks which was nice.

Master Seven heads off on his big trip tomorrow. Miss Four, Bub and I will drop him off then go visit the rellies for the morning. Then Sunday, Miss Four and Bub are staying home with the babysitter while I go up to Swancon with @kaelajael – I’m helping launch next years Swancon/Natcon, attending the Tin Ducks and catching up with friends for the day. Looking forward to it.

And as we have an early morning tomorrow, I’d best go to bed!

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