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Still here!

I’m just going to list the things I’ve been doing instead of blogging, because that might explain why I haven’t been blogging…

  • Marking university assignments and sessional tutoring (two different universities).
  • Writing a subject for Charles Sturt University’s new Masters degree.
  • Reading approximately 8 million books on a deadline for CBCA Book of the Year Awards.
  • Wrangling Aurealis Awards judging.
  • Publishing several books since October.
  • Edited final copy of WA School Library Association journal for 2013 (plus reporting for AGM).
  • Organising birthdays for several of us and Christmas at home for us and a bunch of friends.
  • Trying to maintain a semi-organised and clean house of six people.
  • Maintaining an active social schedule for the children…
  • Applying for several jobs. Failing to get shortlisted for a single Tasmanian one (Tas-mate-ia…), but getting flown up to Canberra for an interview for a fantastic position in a lovely school and being offered the job on the spot. No, we aren’t moving at this stage – I’m going FIFO while David is house-husband!

And probably other stuff I’ve forgotten because I’ve been too damn busy!

Goals for the next four weeks before I start my new job:

  • Sort out and cull the zillions of boxes still not unpacked.
  • Tidy out the kids’ rooms & cupboards.
  • Find a small studio/bedsit/unit to live in while in Canberra.
  • Edit forthcoming FableCroft novel.
  • Sort out (with Tansy) Cranky Ladies pitches for FableCroft.
  • E-publish final Glenda Larke novel in the Isles of Glory trilogy.
  • Finish the final touches on the unit writing for uni.
  • Hang out with kids.
  • Read more CBCA books.
  • Wrangle shortlists for Aurealis Awards.

That should do it!


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Okay, so I’ve been busy, what’s new?!

Yes, the last time I posted properly was on the first day of our holiday. Yes, that was nearly a full month ago. GOOD GRIEF WHERE DOES TIME GO?! I know; it disappears down the vortex of university marking, family, reading, publishing and well, life.

IMG_2963We had a lovely time with the grandparents in Queensland. The kids are SO not country kids anymore (well, to be fair, Master Three never has been, but Master Ten and Miss Eight spent an awful lot of time on the farm when they were younger and have no excuse!), and are nervous of bugs, flies, ants, snakes (reasonable) and scared of the dogs. Especially M3, but after some intense conditioning, he was happily interacting with them in the second week of the holidays. A big improvement on screaming in terror when the puppy so much as looked at him!

Was really nice to catch up with friends and family. I had planned to attend GenreCon in Brisbane on the final weekend of the holidays, but due to various factors, that didn’t pan out. Probably for the best in the end, as I was pretty busy anyway! We had Miss Eight’s birthday while we were there, and despite my intentions of no parties, Granna decided we would have one! A couple of little friends and cousins, the excellent Miles Historical Village and Museum as the venue (Mum works there), and a swim at the pool after. I made the cakes, party bags came courtesy of Mum’s strategically stocked party box, and it was most pleasant.

We got home from the trip with absolutely no issues – I’m pretty sure the plane into Launceston landed on the dot of the itinerary flight time, and we had excellent hosties on both flights. We absolutely froze for the next couple of weeks though, as it turned back cold here, and after warming our blood in 30-35 degrees for the QLD trip, it was a bit of a shock! Since then, I’ve marked two batches of assignments, started work on writing a new university unit for a new course, published nearly three books (and fixed issues with some others), started a new publishing project (surprise surprise), read eight zillion books for CBCA judging (so far behind, trying furiously to catch up!), started organising two more birthdays (M10 and Bubs coming up next week-ish!), written (and co-written) and edited essays on Doctor Who, helped husband with a bunch of stuff for his new projects, and gosh so much else I can’t even think. And I’d best get back to it! Hopefully won’t be another month before I manage another post!

IMG_2931 IMG_2954 IMG_4735 IMG_2999 IMG_3056


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Six hours in an airport with four kids … and counting.

I’m taking the kids to visit my parents in Queensland for the school holidays, leaving husband home alone in blissful peace pining for us. Yesterday arvo we got a text from QANTAS saying our Launceston-Melbourne flight was cancelled. Cue panic. Rang to find they’d already replaced the plane, flight still a go – thanks for the heart attack there. Then got a phone call in the evening to say it would be delayed 40 minutes in the morning – not too bad, will still make connecting flight and cop a little extra sleep. We arrived at airport 6.15am, checked in, waited a while, boarded on time as advised. Taxied out, plane began runway speedup…and then slowed down and plane returned to terminal. Technical issues. Disembarked. Fed children very expensive breakfast. Waited. Got food vouchers. Waited. Husband thankfully came to kid wrangle and brought pram for bubs (which we hadn’t thought we would need). Call to say all connections would have luggage unloaded. Collected bags. Eventually new flight arrangements given. Bags rechecked. Waited. Further hour delay advised. Still waiting – now fifteen minutes past revised departure time, and we’ve been at the airport for over six hours. So much for catching the early flight in order to get to Queensland in time to drive out to the parents’ place!! Now we will have to overnight somewhere because there is no way I’m doing a five-six hour drive this late in the day, especially given how little sleep I’ve had the past few nights. Most annoyed. Oh well, I guess that’s what they say about the best laid plans… Oh, and if we don’t get underway in the next 15 minutes or so, we won’t get our new connection to Brisbane either…



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Where does time go?

I’ve had trouble getting anything written here – I blame visitors, school holidays and the fact I’m blogging elsewhere! We’ve had a very social few weeks which has included multiple sleepovers, a Tansy & family overnight visit, a fishing day out, an Emma & B visit, a job won and lost for husband, Helen & J for two nights, a couple of movies, and LOADS of extra children and chauffeuring about of ours in their busy social schedules! I wanted to get lots more done than I did, but well, didn’t. I’m working now on unpacking the final boxes in the study, doing the filing/tax, and unpacking the boxes in Bub’s room and finishing the sorting of the clothes for keeping or handing on. There are still quite a few more stealth boxes in various hidey holes. At least a couple I can’t unpack until I get a lovely display cabinet. Almost all the books are unpacked. I think a couple more might be yet more clothes (probably mostly for discarding). And there’s a few jammed with toys (again, many of which can be passed on). What’s in the rest? It’s an adventure in unpacking, because I don’t know!

And time is running out. The marking will start to roll in soon, and then I’ll be turning over assignments and other uni work until at least November. Need to get a wriggle on!

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Wherein we act a little touristy

LaunchingWe have had a lovely couple of days for the beginning of our extra long, long weekend. The kids took the day off school on Thursday and after a short visit to the new house (which we got the keys for on Wednesday afternoon – very exciting!) we headed down to Hobart. First stop was Hog’s Breath, a favourite for the family – not quite as good as the Rockingham one, we agreed, but very yummy still. We then checked into our apartment, in Salamanca, and rested a bit and got ready for the evening. The purpose of our Hobart trip was to attend the launch of Livia Day’s new book, A Trifle Dead (which I was emcee for). Lovely to catch up with friends there (and of course “Livia” (aka Tansy) and the family), and finally meet some online buddies too! The launch went very well, with Stephanie Smith doing a great job as official launcher.

photo (13)An early night once Miss Seven and I returned to the apartment, but not a restful one thanks to an upset baby in the cot next to my bed, so I was a bit weary by the time we got underway on Good Friday. Still, we started to go the long way home, up the east coast, for something different, but then husband saw signs for Port Arthur and we detoured to visit the Historical Site there. It was astonishing – a MUCH grander scale than I’d imagined, and very interesting. We’ll have to go back, as we were a bit tired for the amount of walking required (and the three year old was getting to “feral” by mid-afternoon!), but I highly recommend a day or two there if you ever get a chance.

We thought we might stay overnight somewhere nearby and maybe go back for a few hours today, but once we got in the car and the two little ones fell asleep, we just decided to keep on driving. Home about 6.30 pm and very pleased to get to bed not too much later!

Today has been pleasantly homely, even entailing cooked (by me) breakfast and lunch! Have been tidying and washing and looking at new things for the new house – I must say, a six day weekend is rather nice.

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