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2013 Aurealis Awards are open for entry!

I’m judging co-ordinator for the third year, and working with new management team Conflux Inc (Canberra)! Looking forward to a great year. Feel free to share the details below with your networks, and enter early!

Screen shot 2011-07-12 at 9.48.42 AM2013 Aurealis Awards open for entries

Conflux Inc. are delighted to announce that the 2013 Aurealis Awards are now open to entries.

The Aurealis Awards, Australia’s premier awards for Speculative Fiction, are for works of speculative fiction written by an Australian citizen, or permanent resident, and published for the first time between 1 January 2013 and 31 December 2013.

2013 Aurealis Awards convenor, Nicole Murphy, says, “In 2012 we received a record number of entries across thirteen categories, ranging across Illustrated Work, Children’s, Young Adult, Horror, Fantasy and Science Fiction. Speculative fiction in all its incarnations is alive and well in Australia, and we look forward to even more entries this year.”

“These awards are unique, in that each category is judged by a panel of judges. Our judges are drawn from a range of literary backgrounds and experience including; editors for both small and mainstream press, librarians, critics and published authors.”

“We’re delighted to be able to bring the Awards to Canberra for the first time,” Ms Murphy added.

“In 2013, we are accepting electronic submission of entries in all categories for the first time,” said judging co-ordinator Tehani Wessely. “We are strongly encouraging publishers and authors to enter all works published in the first half of the year immediately, and all new works as soon after publication as possible. Our judging teams appreciate having time to consider each entry carefully. It’s a huge job!”

“We have slightly revised the entry period to accommodate the new ceremony date for next year,” Ms Wessely said. “If works are received in a timely manner, every entry can be given the fairest of consideration.”

Entries close on 07 December 2013, and all entries must be physically received by 31 December 2013. Finalists will be announced in March 2014 and winners announced at a special presentation evening in Canberra in April 2014. For more information on the awards or to register your entry, visit the Aurealis Awards website at www.aurealisawards.com.

For more information contact the Awards convenor, Nicole Murphy at president.conflux@gmail.com  or judging co-ordinator Tehani Wessely at aajudges@gmail.com.

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Looking for the silver linings

My husband took a redundancy package from work last week. He’s been there over five and a half years, which is like a lifetime in mining! He pretty much saw it coming, and was more cranky that they made him fly in to work only to fly back home again the same day, than about the actual redundancy. Well, he was disappointed in a few other things too, but not actually sad to give up a weekly cross-country flight on the rubbish roster they’ve been on this year, and the “politics” of the job. And financially we’re in good shape, so there’s no stress about job hunting just yet. Still, it’s the first time both of us have basically been stay at home parents. Ever! Wish us luck :)

But there was an immediate silver lining as a consequence – I got to attend the Aurealis Awards! I was cancelling flights on Wednesday afternoon when it suddenly occurred to me that I could go, with just the baby to worry about. Lots of flight credits meant no out of pocket there, and the hotel had rooms, so I booked – as an added bonus, when I rang my aunt to let her know I was coming on a flying visit, I ended up with lifts to and from airport, and a babysitter for the afternoon/evening! I’m very spoilt :)

Had an absolutely excellent time, although it’s never long enough to see everyone or chat properly. Still, it’s enough to recharge the creative batteries and catch up, however briefly, with friends. And meeting people face to face for the first time is a highlight!

Cat Sparks did her usual brilliant job of capturing the action, but here’s a couple of photos I got of folks “frocking the Aurealis Awards”.


Rivqa, Lisa, Angela & Kirstyn


Donna & Kate


Thoraiya & Joanne


Richard & Daniel


Cathie, Katharine & Cat


Kate, Kaaron & Deborah


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Aurealis Awards: call for judges

Screen shot 2011-07-12 at 9.48.42 AMApplications are now open for the 2013 Aurealis Awards judging panels.

We are seeking expressions of interest from people who would like to judge for the 2013 Aurealis Awards. Judges are volunteers and are drawn from the Australian speculative fiction community, from diverse professions and backgrounds, including academics, booksellers, librarians, published authors, publishing industry professionals, reviewers and enthusiasts. The only qualification necessary is a demonstrated knowledge of and interest in their chosen category. In 2013, all judges must be willing and able to read electronic entries, which we will accept in all categories.

Panel sizes may vary among categories – and from year to year – depending on the perceived workload required and the availability of judges for a particular category. However, each panel will consist of at least three judges, one of which will be the panel convenor. Being an Aurealis Awards judge involves reading entries in a single category, which may comprise several dozen novels and/or more than a hundred short stories in the process of evaluating the year’s entries. Judges may keep their reading copies of entries.

Categories are: Science Fiction Novel, Science Fiction Short Story, Fantasy Novel, Fantasy Short Story, Horror Novel and Horror Short Story, Young Adult Novel and Young Adult Short Story, Children’s Fiction, Collection, Anthology, Illustrated Book/Graphic Novel. Because fantasy and science fiction are the largest categories, they have been split into two separate judging panels, one for novels and one for short stories. In 2013, all Children’s entries will be judged in a single category, to maintain the integrity of the award.

As of 2013, the Aurealis Awards accepts electronic entries in all categories. Judges of short fiction must be willing to accept and read entries in this format.  Willingness and ability to read electronically is an essential aspect of the judging role.

It is vital that judges be able to work as part of a team and meet stringent deadlines. Most of the judges’ discussions are conducted via a private online forum or email.

Entries to the awards close in December, with all work published between January 1, 2013 and December 31, 2013 eligible for entry. Shortlists from each panel will be required by early February 2014 (firm dates will be advised), and prospective judges should be aware that this may be an intensive process.

Dates for Judging (to be confirmed):

June 2013 – entries open

December 15 2013 – entries close

December 31 2013 – final entries must be received by judges

Early February 2014 – shortlists and finalists must be decided

March 2014 – Awards ceremony (details to be advised)

All discussions are confidential between the judges in each panel and the judging co-ordinator and/or the Aurealis Awards management team, as required. The Aurealis Awards judging co-ordinator will have no input into these decisions unless a panel of judges is unable to reach a consensus.

Judges from previous Aurealis Awards processes are welcome – indeed encouraged – to re-apply. But, in the interests of transparency and impartiality, no one may judge the same category for more than two consecutive years, and a break of two consecutive years is required before a judge can reapply to be a judge in that particular category again.

The winner of the Peter McNamara Convenors’ Award for Excellence will be reached by a consensus of the convenors of each of the judging panels.

Each judge receives one complimentary ticket (non-transferable) to the Aurealis Awards ceremony.

Please provide the following information to Judging Co-ordinator Tehani Wessely at aajudges@gmail.com, by 17 May, 2013. 

1. Name.

2. Postal Address.

3. Email Address and telephone number.

4. Preferred judging categories (please provide at least three options, in order of preference).

5. A paragraph or two detailing relevant experience and reasons you would like to be a judge for the Awards.

6. Preferred e-file format (ie: mobi for Kindle, epub, PDF, rtf)

The judging positions are open to Australian residents only.

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Reminder: Aurealis Awards entries

Feel free to share!

2012 Aurealis Awards – Enter now

The Aurealis Awards are open for entry, with the end of the entry period starting to loom.

The Aurealis Awards, Australia’s premier awards for speculative fiction, are for works of speculative fiction written by an Australian citizen or permanent resident, published for the first time between 1 January 2012 and 31 December 2012.

Categories include novels, short stories, YA, and illustrated works.

Entering work in the Aurealis Awards is easy and free.

All you need to do is go to our website www.aurealisawards.com and fill in the online form. We’ll then send you details of where to send your work for judging.

But hurry! Entries close midnight 23 December 2012. Why are we asking for entries now? All our judges are volunteers, and by encouraging early entry, we ensure that all works are given fair consideration. Works received very late in the reading period may only have a short time to be considered (shortlists are released early in 2013), and some categories have very heavy reading loads. We appreciate your support in ensuring all entries can receive the attention they deserve by entering early!

Nominations for the Peter McNamara Convenors’ Award for Excellence also close on 31 December 2012. This award is for achievement in speculative fiction or related areas. It may take into account a body of work over a number of years; it can also be for a work of non-fiction, artwork, electronic or multimedia work, film or TV released in 2012 that brings credit or attention to the speculative fiction genres.

Finalists will be announced in March 2013 with winners presented at a special awards evening in Sydney in May 2013.

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Aurealis Awards talk for Launceston Friends of the Library

On Saturday I was the guest speaker for the Launceston Friends of the Library, on the topic of the Aurealis Awards. It was a nice little crowd at the Launceston Linc, and I enjoyed it a lot! I prepared a bit of a talk (below), but the conversation and questions ranged far further afterwards, with a lot of discussion about speculative fiction in general!

Talking about the Aurealis Awards Continue reading

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